Laura Slade Wiggins And Her Low-Key Dating Affair; Not Interested To Make Boyfriend Public?

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Laura Slade Wiggins And Her Low-Key Dating Affair; Not Interested To Make Boyfriend Public?

Blessed with the Greek goddess features actress Laura Slade Wiggins through her enchanting beauty and acting skills in the series of “Shameless” attracted several male followers to praise for her beauty and expertise. But despite being surrounded by handsome members, Laura Slade has completely stashed her love life from the media reach.

Is the primary reason for keeping low-key dating life to prevent unwanted paparazzi or is she maintaining a barrier between her personal life and professional life?

Controversial Dating Life, Who Is She Dating?

While flipping through the dating life of the actress, Laura Slade few sources linked the actress with American actor James Preston. Laura was said to be in an affair with the actor in the year 2011. Though none of the celebrities confirmed the dating news, they were spotted together holding hands at the Milk Studios in Hollywood while Pop Candies Tv took an interview about their thoughts on the two and a half men.

Caption: Holding hands, Laura Slade and James Preston in an interview taken by Candies TV on 13th May 2011.

Well, the relationship must have ended due to which since 2014, Laura is said to have mingled with a mysterious man while James is reported to be single

Though Laura has not revealed an ounce about her new man nor has she given any further details, but through her, Instagram post-Laura confirmed the man to be her boyfriend as they were together celebrating their one year anniversary.


One year anniversary (dating) with this handsome feller! He's a keeper #stuntmankyle #boysfromthesouth #mozza

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The relationship between the mysterious man and Laura still exists as in a recent Instagram post-Laura has published a picture with him spending a quiet vacation together at Grand Canon.


#watchtower at the #grandcanyon with #stuntmankyle

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Maybe the primary reason for keeping the love life low is to keep her man safe from the unwanted buzz and constant annoying paparazzi or maybe she does not want to mingle her personal and professional life together. But yes the actress is not single as she has an unexplained man in her life with whom she seems to be enjoying and sharing her quiet life. So we are waiting for her to disclose the real identity of the man followed by their plans.

Young Achievement At An Early Age:

At a young age of 28 years, Laura has embraced with tremendous success and wealth. She entered the entertainment field through her movie debut “Dance of the dead” in 2008. Since then she has been gaining works and popularity allowing her to accumulate the total net worth of $ 2million.

Lauren is still working as an actress as she has undertaken three major movie projects Rings, Stolen from the Cradle and Jax In Love for the year 2017. With an early success its sure for the actress to blossom her career path and become a famous face of the Hollywood in the upcoming era.