Louisa Johnson On Dating Status & Alleged Affair; New Boyfriend Now?

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Louisa Johnson On Dating Status & Alleged Affair; New Boyfriend Now?

English singer-songwriter Louisa Johnson has been basking on fame and glamour ever since becoming one of a kind winner of The X Factor UK. She was 17 years of age when she claimed the spot of the winner of the 12th series of The X Factor UK, making her the youngest one to achieve the title. 

And, it seems Louisa is trying to give a new beginning to her love life now.   

The singer parted ways with her lover so as to begin her new journey towards her career only to be spotted sharing romance with her new beau months after. 

She even had her love life surrounded by the alleged affair. Soon after she was spotted sharing some quality time with her ex-boyfriend which gave rise to their reconciliation rumors.

Well, surrounded with reconciliation rumors along with alleged affairs, here is what her dating status reveals of her love life.

Relationship Status With Boyfriend

Louisa Johnson, who is also a songwriter, was involved with her school friend before she rose to fame since joining the X Factor. Back then she was dating Ellis Stevens but the pair parted ways just before Louisa took steps towards her career.

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Just months after parting ways with Ellis, Louisa was witnessed sharing romance with Daniel Elliot with whom she was together for over a year. It has been reported that the pair began dating in December 2015 after Louisa wrote her name as the winner of X-Factor 2015.

The couple was hitting off with their relationship and soon after in June, they moved in together. The couple went strong with their relationship and even sparked the engagement rumors. 

The rumors surfaced the media after Louisa posed with a ring on her ring finger on her left hand at the Capital FM's Summertime Ball. She had a cocktail on one hand in the candid snap which she posted on Twitter with a caption, "I Said Yes."

Her followers were quick to wish her congratulations on the big step but on closer inspection, they realized that the man who presented her with the ring was not her longtime boyfriend Daniel but instead he was Joe Lyons who works at Capital FM.

Turns out they were just messing around and it was just a playful snap.

Louisa Johnson with former boyfriend Daniel Elliot. (Photo: dailymail.co.uk)

Right after the engagement rumors got settled down, Louisa hit her fans with another big news revealing that she had parted ways with Daniel. After dating over a year and even living together, their split was confirmed on June 2017 by Louisa herself.

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Talking with Vodafone at Capital Summertime Ball held at Wembley Stadium, Louisa opened up that she and Daniel are no longer together. During the time, she shut down the conversation relating to living in with Daniel, saying,

'We're no longer together.' 

However, she gave no further details about their break up. Back when they were together, Louisa had shared several smitten posts with Daniel on her social media which seems to now have disappeared as she now has deleted all the traces of their romance.

Even the pictures of them cuddling on their holidays are ceased to exist on their social media.

Months later, Louisa and her on-and-off boyfriend again sparked reconciliation rumors when they were spotted together out in Essex. In January 2018, she was spotted with Daniel, who was in a way different look than his usual clean shave, as Louisa bought a new pet dog. 

Louisa walked down from the car only in socks whereas Daniel walked alongside her. There were many speculations leading to their revived romance. However, Louisa soon addressed the matter personally.

Addresses Reconciliation Rumors And Alleged Affair - Dating Status?

After the hustle in the media of her reconciliation, Louisa finally addressed the matter revealing the truth in March 2018. After splitting in summer 2017, Louisa made sure to dodge off the rumors of her reconciliation revealing that she was single.

She clearly denied being in a relationship with Daniel again after the break-up and cherished her singlehood. She said,

“No reconciliation at all. I’m completely single, and if you look at our faces in those photos [of the pair in January], you can tell.”

Previously she was also rumored to be dating Olly Murs. They were said to have an affair apart from collaborating in recording and releasing "Unpredictable." 

However, the claims were later denied by Louisa to which she regards as the most ridiculous romance rumors she had come across. It clarified that she just shares the work frame together. 

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Well, turns out she is pretty much single despite the relationship rumors that surrounded her.