Lynne Curtin Dealt With Divorce With Husband and Going Broke; Now Dealing With Daughter As Well?

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Lynne Curtin Dealt With Divorce With Husband and Going Broke; Now Dealing With Daughter As Well?

Former Star of Real Housewives of Orange County, Lynne Curtin appears ineffectual to find a way out for her painful life events. The reality star went through from ending a prolonged relationship with her husband, followed by a financial crisis, and now it seems that she is parenting a troublesome daughter.

The real family story of Lynne is proving to be not less than the dramas of RHOC, and this menage story will compel you to stay with us until the end.

Termination Of Marriage That Introduced Seismic Incidents In Lynne's Life:

Lynne Curtin married her husband Frank Curtin in 1990 in a wedding ceremony, which the former couple has been successfully keeping away from the eyes of the public.

The duo's marriage was a successful one as it lasted for more than two decades, but it came to a tragic end in the year 2012. The conjugal life made them the parents of two daughters, Raquel and Alexa Curtin.

Caption: Lynne with her ex-husband, Frank.

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It was the year 2012 in May, Lynne, a plastic surgery enthusiast, opened up about the split to RadarOnline. She told,

"After more than 20 years of marriage Frank and I have decided to go our separate ways. I love Frank but it was time to go out on my own."

She also talked about filing a divorce and concluded on a positive hope for future.

"I haven’t filed for divorce yet, but I’m going to be doing so soon. Who knows what the future holds, but I’m looking forward to doing the things that I want to do."

However, Frank appeared devastated as he told Orange County Register that such incidents hurt him badly.

"I'm not a willing participant in this. It hurts to even think about it or talk about it. Call me old-fashioned, but I take my vows very seriously."

He then added,

"I'm deeply in love with my wife. Business is so bad, it has caused a lot of stress in my relationship. I love my wife. She's just not herself right now."

The former couple had previously admitted that they were facing some financial troubles that was taking a toll on their relationship, which could be the reason for the divorce.

However, Lynne cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason when she filed for divorce in December the same year.

The divorce with her longtime husband introduced a catastrophe in Lynne's life, as she faced an economic crisis which even made her file new court papers in her divorce from Frank with spousal support.

As per the legal documents obtained by TMZ, she was broke at that situation claiming only $100 to her name. She even added that she earned $250 a month which made her $3,000 a year from her own jewelry business.

Besides the duo's relationship, Alexa, the youngest in the family, has been causing a serious problem in the house as she has frequently embroiled herself in legal troubles.

Caption: Lynne with her mother, Marilou and two daughters, Raquel (L) and Alexa (R).

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Earlier this year in January, Alexa's grandmother, Marilou Colee filed an elder abuse restraining order against Alexa, claiming that Alexa broke into her California home in Mission Viejo.

However, Marilou tried to explain Alexa's situation and said:

"She has been raped by an Orange County sheriff, and this poor girl, she can't get it out of her mind. She'd upset with all of this. It's an awful thing to happen to a woman. I love her so much, but she broke into my house."

She then added:

"I can see who's at the door from the inside, and when I open it she just kind of comes in. She's stayed with me for a couple weeks before. After that she's threatened us, broken windows. She really frightened me. When we called the police they said I had to file a restraining order before they could do anything."

She also told that Alexa was not in the family then but was staying with her friend.

"We don't know where she is now. Some friend took her in and then she called Lynn and told her she was safe. There are some pictures on Facebook where she's wearing some nice clothes, so hopefully this will be it."

Last year, Alexa had filed a federal lawsuit against an officer of the Orange County Sheriff's Department accusing him of raping her during a traffic stop. Moreover, two months later, she was charged with the drug possession as well.

Alexa also got herself involved in the adult film industry and did porn videos under the alias Jayden Taylors in 2014 to pay for the plastic surgery.

As of recent reports, Alexa got an award of $2.25 million in a lawsuit over the alleged sexual assault. 

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