Maria LaRosa Over with Pregnant Days with Husband? It Looks Like That

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Maria LaRosa Over with Pregnant Days with Husband? It Looks Like That

Pregnancy is a beautiful moment that most women aspire to experience in their lifetime. To conceive a soul within her is an inspirational and cherished moment for them. It brings them joy accompanied by pain that does not let them sleep for weeks or even months.

Pregnancy is that time when the support of a partner is needed the most. The support helps the women endure the pain for the happiness it promises.

Very few people know this better than the famous meteorologist Maria LaRosa. She has gone through this feeling not just once but, thrice.

The heart-wrenching joyful moments of her pregnancies are finally over, which can all be looked back at now as fond memories. So, if you are looking to find out about her pregnancy days, you are in the right place.

Looking Back at Maria LaRosa's Pregnancy Days: Support of Her Husband 

A well-known meteorologist, Maria LaRosa is lush with her more than twelve years of experience in broadcasting meteorology. The diva is best recognized for her appearance on The Weather Channel as a meteorologist. 

Despite her popularity, LaRosa has managed to keep her personal life low profile. However, we do know that she is a married woman. Her husband is Mariusz Kolakowski, a businessman, but the details of their date or marriage have not been revealed. 

Little joys of the bundle were blessed upon their married life as LaRosa became pregnant for the first time and the couple welcomed their first child, Michael, back in 2005.

The blissful mother posted a picture of infant Michael back in May 2016 with a feeling of nostalgia, explaining in the caption that it was her first baby to call her "Mommy." 


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After three years of the birth of Michael, Maria and her husband welcomed their second son, Justin.

Maria's nostalgic emotions did not stop with the upload of Michael's picture: she went on to share a photo of her second son Justin, captioning it "My love #2." Take a look!


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But, soon after, Maria got pregnant with the third child and gave birth to Tyler back in 2010. Likewise, she shared a photo of her with infant Tyler adorably referring to him as her "little nugget no. 3." 


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Finally, it looks like the family of five is complete.

On the occasion of Father's Day 2017, Maria shared a photo of her three sons with their father and expressed that she chose her husband wisely on the caption. Aw, how sweet is that?! Mariusz stood by her side all this time to rightfully deserve a loving wife who does not shy away from expressing her love and gratitude. 


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The duo must be busy nurturing their three sons now.

Though three is a handful, Maria has been finding time to continue her career in meteorology. She has hosted multiple shows like First Outlook, Your Weather Today, Wake Up with AI, Morning Rush, and America's Morning Headquarters.

LaRosa's works at several stations with different designations has, without a doubt, earned her handsome salary, but its exact figure and her net worth have not been disclosed yet.

Moreover, her stunning looks and glamorous style have attracted many fans. She has perfect body measurements with a slim waist and wide hips and stands tall at the height of 6 feet 2 inches, weighing 126 pounds.