A Look Inside Attorney Mark Geragos' Family With And Their Son and Daughter

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A Look Inside Attorney Mark Geragos' Family With And Their Son and Daughter

Mark Geragos has defended several public figures as his clients including late great Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Winona Ryder, that is enough to prove why he is considered a celebrity lawyer.

Besides his professional success, he is also enjoying a blissful married life with his wife and a happy family life with their son and daughter.

Today, let's take a closer look at the personal front of this incredible attorney along with the controversies he has been in!

The Happy Family Life of Mark Geragos: A Brief Look Into It!

Mark Geragos has been married to his wife Paulette (Kassabian) Geragos for a lengthy amount of time now.

Although the man has been silent about the initiation of his married life with his wife Paulette; he has often gushed about the things they put up to in their long standing marriage.

It shows that the two are sharing a smooth and healthy relationship with one another and if you were not aware, the two are also blessed with two children, their son, Jake and their daughter, Teny. 

It turns out Mark is not just a successful attorney, he is a successful family man and a proud father as well.

His tweets certainly show how proud he is of his children.

His family certainly is the strength he needs in his life, don't you think so?

Mark Geragos' Controversies:

It was earlier this year when some major controversy surrounded Mark Geragos; he was accused of trying to defame Dr. Luke when he took over his twitter to address the sexual assault, where pop star Lady Gaga was the victim.

In 2014, Mark was representing pop star Kesha Sebert in an overly heated debate with Dr. Luke when the lawyer took over his Twitter and shared a link to an article, which reported that Lady Gaga was sexually victimized as a teenager.

To Mark's tweet, one of his 48000 followers replied, "Lukasz" which is said to be Dr. Luke's first name.

Mark then responded with a "#Bingo!" and that is what led to this controversy to a whole new level.

The incident led Dr. Luke to claim defamation in NY Supreme Court. In response to the lawsuit, Geragos and his firm had multiple provocative arguments for dismissal for the defamation charges.

Geragos' bid to dismiss stated,

"Posting the provocative comment 'guess the rapist' on Twitter clearly implies the poster's intent to engage in a non-serious, gossipy and hyperbolic interaction. Additionally, the use of the term 'bingo' in and of itself suggests a lack of seriousness."

Moreover, in an interview with TMZ, Geragos and Geragos' motion to dismiss continued and even stated as everything in the gossip site should not be taken seriously.

"TMZ is not CNN, the New York Times, or the Associated Press. Instead it is a website that admits its meteoric rise to popularity followed its coverage of actor Mel Gibson's DUI arrest, comedian Michael Richards' racist and profanity-laced tirade at the Laugh Factor in Los Angeles, and the news of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's divorce. This is not news, it is entertainment."

Regardless of his controversies, there is no denying that the man is an accomplished personality in his professional career and the magnitude of his success as an attorney can be determined to some extent by his net worth, which dwells around $25 million.