Matt Barr Not Dating Anyone? Actor With Such Looks Cannot Be Single - Or Can He?

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Matt Barr Not Dating Anyone? Actor With Such Looks Cannot Be Single - Or Can He?

A guy who is 6 feet one-inch tall, has a perfect jawline, blonde hair, and to top all that mesmerizingly beautiful blue eyes; who wouldn't date somebody with all those features?

Well, many of you reading through this definitely must have all those qualities in the requirement list of your dream man. Even the gay fellas must have fantasized about such guy to be a part of their life.

But what if we tell you, there is this man who resembles the exact features we just talked about seems to be single? We know it's difficult to believe, but yes, Matt Barr-the handsome American actor might just be single!

But what might be the reason for him not dating anyone? And was he single all the way through, or did he have a girlfriend in the past?

Let us take a closer look at his life to uncover every possible detail!

Matt Barr's Past Relationship Status; Dated a Girlfriend Back In Time?

American actor Matthew Jerome Barr, who recently made his appearance in 2017's The Layover- an American-Canadian road trip sex comedy starring Alexandra Daddario, Kate Upton, and others, initially gained fame for his portrayal of Johnse Hatfield's character in Hatfields & McCoys in 2012.

He has emerged through his career with various acting credits to his name and has been very popular among ladies because of his charming personality.

His looks definitely attract attention, and there is no denying to that. Therefore, the major concern of his fans has always been his relationship status. And to everybody's surprise, he seems to be single giving hopes to all his fans who have a crush on him. 

However, if we are to go by some sources, this handsome hunk's past seemingly involved the presence of a beautiful lady, Heather Hemmens. The two were said to be dating one another since 2011. They even made some public appearances back in time.

Caption: Matt Barr with Heather Hemmens celebrating the 139th Kentucky Derby, 2013.

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However, they are no more seen together in any events, neither has their breakup-related news surfaced the media, so the matter remains unclear until any official confirmation from the involved parties.

Hopefully, for all his fans, Matt will soon address their queries and reveal if he is single for real or he is already a married man who prefers keeping his personal life entirely under shadows.

Well, either way, his fans would be happy to know where this actor is heading towards in his love life.

Stay with us for emerging updates on Matt Barr!