Did Matt Bennett Have Dating Affair With Co-Stars Liz Gillies & Ariana Grande? Gay Rumors - Result of Obscure Girlfriend History

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Did Matt Bennett Have Dating Affair With Co-Stars Liz Gillies & Ariana Grande? Gay Rumors - Result of Obscure Girlfriend History

The oral talk of the celebrities covers their relationship issues for the most part, and the conversation goes more intense if it is an unusual association between partners. Matt Bennett represents one of such cases, who has been a victim of gay rumors, precisely due to his obscure relationships with his girlfriend.

We witnessed sweet and adorable Matt Bennett as Robbie Shapiro in Victorious, but to a whole contrastive scenario, we got to see a dark and kinky Matt on March 4 with his original monologue that was titled "I Want To Fuck A Demon."

But is this monologue sufficient to decide whether the artist is gay or not?

Well, we are about to take a tour of Matt's life which will certainly lead you to a conclusion out of your confusion.

Is Matt Bennett A Gay Or Indeed Has A Girlfriend?

The Nickelodeon sitcom, Victorious brought three friends together; Matt Bennett, Elizabeth Gillies, also known as Liz Gillies, and Ariana Grande, when they got featured in it

While the series was called off in 2013, these three friends still hang together and are seen now and again. Furthermore, the series also starred Victoria Justice, Avan Jogia who portrayed Beck Oliver, Leon Thomas III, and several others.

Recently, the three were spotted jointly in Los Angeles event to aid in the fight for women's rights in January. While Ariana made her presence at the event beside her busy schedule, she didn't make any posts with her friends Bennett and Liz.

However, Liz flaunted a picture with Matt, addressing him as marching buddy.


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According to the sources, the three have been in regular communication.

In December 2016, the trio foregathered for the holidays; Bennett took to Instagram to show off a photo to assure his friendship with Ariana.


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Moreover, Bennett and Liz got featured in Ariana's "One Last Time" music video.

Caption: The trio: Ariana, Matt, and Liz in One Last Time (Published on Feb 15, 2015).

Well, it's not over yet!

The three friends again got featured in the series called "Sam & Cat," where Ariana was in one of the leading roles, while the other two appeared as guest stars.

However, the guest stars are supposed to have an incredible moment while being on the set. One of the captures from the set even got socialized with a caption  "My boy & I," which apparently shows the bonding between Liz Aand Matt. 


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While Matt seems to be maintaining a friendly relationship with Ariana, there appears to be some extra pinch of love feelings between Matt and Liz.

Matt is believed to be dating his so-called girlfriend Liz, but the relationship's petite flames haven't taken the shape of fire. The two, however, are seen together but not as a part of their dates. Perhaps, they want everything in a concealed manner!

This certainly assures a fact regarding Matt that he is not a gay. Meanwhile, he supports the same gender relationship and is, indeed, a fan of the ones who are open to gay according to his video.

He also passes the message for everyone to live their life the way they want to.

Caption: Matt opening up regarding gay community. (Published on Apr 16, 2011).

After Victorious, Matt made a guest appearance in Games in the episode "Tiny Pickles" and contributed to Fresh Off The Boat in 2016 and The Stanford Experiment and Me Earl Dying Girl in 2015.

He has been active since 2009 and is in the field still in 2017. As of these days, he produces monologue videos for Youtube.

Caption: Matt's monologue titled "I Want To Fuck A Demon" (Published on Mar 4, 2017).

Matt hasn't signed any series till the date, but we know his fans are waiting to see more from the actor. Well, you will get all the updates here. Stay tuned!