Eddie Izzard Despite Partner History, A Heavily Rumored Gay; Here's Why

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It has been a while since the famous British comedian Eddie Izzard has come out as......But even after carrying a comic show that has won him millions of spotlight, his coming out story hasn't made life any easier as he is often suspected of being gay...... Previously was in a relationship with girlfriend......He is currently dating......
Eddie Izzard Despite Partner History, A Heavily Rumored Gay; Here's Why

Eddie Izzard has gone a long way in his life, from a kid who lost his mother at the age of six to become the most popular stand-up comic Britain has ever produced.

But, since the age of four, his desire to dress like a woman has just added to the obstacles in the road.

After a long battle with being queer, the stand-up comedian is now a proud transgender person who doesn't mind putting on makeup and walking past people in high heels.

Rumored Gay Comedian Thanks God For Making Him Transvestite

The Dress to Kill star, Eddie Izzard first started his comic road down to fame after appearing in Hysteria III, a 1991 AIDS fundraiser held at the London Palladium. Ever since his breakthrough, he has been rubbing belly laughter to his audiences and cramped with schedules filled with tours and shows.

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But, it was more to his witty on-stage personality that earned the Ocean's Twelve actor major tabloid headlines. It’s his red lipstick, high heels, and the Avengers actress, Uma Thurman’s fake breast that he had borrowed to wear that made the comedian stand beyond the ordinary.

While his masculine physique was entirely disguised in a womanly getup, the comic star couldn’t help but get bombarded about his inconstant boy-girl-mode by the public who guessed him as a gay man walking down the streets of London.

Eddie embraces his girl mode by flaunting his bosom and lipstick (

But the cross-dressing comic sensation kept his lips sealed about his true sexuality till the age of 29. His childhood story about wanting to put on a dress became more public after he came off as a transvestite in 1991.

After coming out to his father, the young him, surprised by his dad's unexpected support, was more confident to come off in his more authentic self to his admirers.

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Two days later, he opened up his sexuality to his fans on stage with a joke. And ever since that day, the Valkyrie actor has been proudly flaunting his sexuality. 

Without Any Wife: No Intention To Make A Family Of His Own!

There is no doubt that Izzard, who is now a famous stand-up comedian, once held a huge secret hidden inside himself. Though a transvestite, who loves to hop inside a womanly outlook, the 57-year-old still had success in seducing ladies with his equally seductive look.

It was Karon Makill, the comedian's PR, who explained his personality,

"He is not at all girly and not at all camp. I think people expect him to be one or the other, but he is a real man. He likes bosomy, busty women and he is very successful with them. He loves his gadgets and toys, and he loves flirting with women."

She further explained about his girl followers going gaga around him,

"There are so many groupies on the tour - a lot of women find him very attractive. They write him erotic literature - you would not believe it."

The greatest comedian Britain ever had Eddie Izzard (Photo:

His PR was rumored to be involved with Izzard romantically, but the gossips were cut short after she confessed to having no romantic relationship with him. 

But, one thing that is true about the English personality is that he dated singer Sarah Townsend from 1999 to 2002. The pair, who were first introduced by a mutual friend, led a very complicated relationship together.

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Even after their break, the two have been running the company “Ella Communications” together while Townsend is busy touring and he is recording his new shows.

Izzard is reported to be single till today, but by the looks of it, he won't be getting married any sooner. During an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald in 2018, he expressed his peculiar views on marriage citing,

"I don't really believe in marriage – it's a governmental rubber stamp or a religious thing – but if you want to use that as an excuse to throw a party, then I won't judge you. I'm a far greater believer in a strong relationship and would love to have kids one day, but I am trying to work out how to do that."

He also added that keeping up a relationship in old age would require sacrificing a showbiz career. It does appear that the comic went through some challenging situations during his past relations. But, there is also the probability that with time, he might end up with the love of his life.

The actor currently has a net worth of $20 million and is succeeding in his career. In 2021, he is still active, hosting hit shows that contribute to his net wealth.

So, as we can see, his career is doing well, and he's doing well financially for the time being!