Michael Conrad Braxton Jr's Family: Born to Singer Parents, Fame Overshadowed by Other Kids

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Michael Conrad Braxton Jr's Family: Born to Singer Parents, Fame Overshadowed by Other Kids

What happens when you are born in a star-filled family? There are high probabilities that you might get overshadowed in front of mass audiences seeking your own identity. Same has happened to Michael Conrad Braxton.


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Michael Conrad Braxton Jr's Family!

Michael Conrad Braxton is only son and a second oldest child born to parents Michael Braxton Sr. and Evelyn Braxton, who performs as a singer and songwriter.

Michael Conrad Braxton Jr's Family include himself and his five sisters: Toni Braxton, Traci Braxton, Towanda Braxton, Trina Braxton, and Tamar Braxton. Michael Conrad Braxton is not married neither has wife or kids. His net worth is not known.

Born to singer parents!

Michael Braxton Sr. is a retired preacher and also occasional substitute teacher and stars alongside his family on the reality TV program Braxton Family Values. He also worked at Baltimore Gas & Electric and as a Methodist clergyman before all the fame he received. For the matter of fact Michael Braxton Sr. went back to college and earned a degree when he was just four years away from retirement.

Evelyn Braxton is a famous opera singer as well as a certified life coach who stars on the reality TV series Braxton Family Values. She grew up in Columbia, South Carolina and the moved to Maryland when she was only 13 years old. She met her future husband, Michael at Columbia, South Carolina, and married him at age 18.

Star sisters and overshadowed fame!


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It is true indeed that, Michael Conrad Braxton’s fame is overshadowed by her star sisters. Michael Conrad Braxton’s sister formed a group called The Braxtons which led to the successful solo career for Toni Braxton.

All five members and sisters were reunited in 2011 to star in the WE tv reality television series Braxton Family Values and even their mother, Evelyn Braxton. Moreover, in October 2015, the group of Toni, Tamar, Traci, Trina and Towanda, released the new album entitled Braxton Family Christmas with five members. The album was released on October 30, 2015.

Tamar Braxton:

Tamar Braxton-Herbert is a popular artist who’s best-known for her work as a reality-TV star, dancer, vocalist, and a performer. Tamar was also among the founder-creators of the team R&B Braxton, the team was shaped by Toni.

Toni Braxton:

She is a Soul and R&B singer and has sold more than 66 million records over the course of her singing career. She released singles like "You're Making Me High" which was a huge hit and also played Belle in the Broadway rendition of Beauty and the Beast. She also topped the Billboard 200 with her hit single "Un-Break My Heart." Which made her popular amongst her fans.

Towanda Braxton:

She is also an R&B artist who revived her singing career by forming The Braxtons in 2010 with her sisters. Towanda signed her first record deal in 1989. She also married Andre Carter in 2003.

Traci Braxton:

Traci is also known as a member of the R&B girl group, The Braxtons, along with her sisters Toni, Towanda, Trina, and Tamar. She also hosted The Traci Braxton Show on BLIS.

Trina Braxton:

Trina is also a sister of Toni Braxton who gained reality fame for the series Braxton Family Values. Along with that, she had an acting role in the 2004 straight-to-video film Meet the Browns. In 2013, she also released her debut single, "Party or Go Home.”