Mother of 3 Children, BBC's Joanna Gosling Married life in Crisis: May Have Divorced Husband Craig in 2014

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Mother of 3 Children, BBC's Joanna Gosling Married life in Crisis: May Have Divorced Husband Craig in 2014

A perfect life partner is someone who can understand your problems, compromise with your flaws and love you unconditionally. A successful relationship is also important to have a peaceful life.

Likewise, a married life is not always blissful. We get caught up in hard times when things fail to live up our expectations; thanks to constant misunderstandings and struggles brought up by our roles and responsibilities in the society, we live.

Likewise, BBC's Joanna Gosling’s marital relationship seems to be broken down. Well, we all know that Gosling is married, but meanwhile, there was news about the sourness in her married life. Was it just a rumor or is her married life ended? isn't her family together? Let’s find it out.

Married Life In Crisis? 

Just like any relationship, Joanna's romance begun with finding someone she liked and developed the love eventually. She met her husband Craig Oliver back when she worked in the newsroom of an independent network of radio stations.

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While sharing the similar work frame, the couple developed a love for each other leading to the beginning of their romance. By 1996, she had exchanged the wedding vows with Craig.  

Joanna Gosling and her husband Craig Oliver. (Photo:

The pair went strong with their relationship and even shared three children - Honor, who is at the age 10, Lona who is at the age of 14, and Maya, who is at the age of 16. They lived together in Hammersmith.

The couple shared a family together but as the time passed their relationship turned sour. The couple parted ways and starting living separated. There was news of their split back in 2014 as they lived separately. However, the couple did not release any official statement of their split.

One of Joanna’s friends said to the Telegraph-

“Joanna has not been wearing her wedding ring for some weeks, and she’s been having a difficult time of it at work, juggling the presenter rotas with her childcare responsibilities”, “It’s an open secret in Downing Street and at the BBC that they are no longer living together, but there’s been no announcement. They want to keep it low key.”

This definitely indicates the sourness in their marriage. However, when asked about her divorce rumors she expressed that she would prefer to keep her relationship with Craig private, She said,

“I have no comment to make on this. It is a personal matter between Craig and I. I don’t see myself as a public person.”

Joanna has neither given any hint about her relationship nor divorce via social networking sites. We must say she has maintained huge privacy in the current issues of her personal life. Her privacy has created difficulty in analyzing her relationship status.

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But however, her former husband Cirag seems to have found new romance which confirms their separation.

Not So Perfect Life

Mother of three children, Joanna, when promoting her book in 2012, Simply Wonderwoman: A survival guide for women with too much to do, expressed that every other woman with a family is juggling their way around in their life. She even divulged that her life is no different as it is not a perfect one.

Joanna with her daughters Iona and Maya (Photo:

Adding to it, she shared that many women put in efforts to turn their life into perfection. She said,

“I think that women with families – whether they are working or not – are juggling and looking for short cuts.”, “My life isn’t perfect, no one’s is, but I think many women try to create a façade of perfection.”

Well, seems like her "my life isn't perfect" refers to her relationship with her husband. Or it could be the one that she is having trouble raising her babies while sharing a sour relationship with their father.

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Born on 5th January 1971, Joanna Marie Mussett Gosling is a popular broadcast journalist, news presenter, and author. She has been working for the BBC since 1999. Gosling also presents the first half of the 11 o'clock news hour on BBC2.