Is Mark Simone, The Savage Radio Host Married? Family, Salary & Facts

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Is Mark Simone, The Savage Radio Host Married? Family, Salary & Facts

Legendary radio show host Mark Simone is easily one of the most recognizable voices working in the New York radio scene. His unparalleled work ethic coupled with his satirical humor has made him a go-to interviewer for people residing in the East Coast of United States.

Mark's time at the New York airwaves has seen him interview a plethora of A-List Celebrities including the likes of POTUS Donald Trump, Jimmy Fallon, Bill O'Reilly, and Bill Maher among others; which in turn, has earned him a formidable net worth and equally handsome salary.

For all his talk on the radio, he has been relatively silent over the issues of family, wife and married life, in general!

Is Mark Married To Megyn Kelly? Calls Her "Ex-Wife"

However, whenever he does speak on his elusive married life, Mark stirs up controversy.

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The radio show host, who's a staunch supporter of Donald Trump's presidency, attacked "his ex-wife," Megyn Kelly, age 47 after she had criticized then-President nominee for his sexist remarks.

Mark calls out Megyn Kelly, age 47, on Twitter (Photo:- Mark Simone's Twitter)

Two days after letting the above tweet fly, he would double down his attack on Megyn by tweeting:

"Megyn Kelly does remind everyone of an ex-wife in court."

Mark's characterization of Megyn - who has a net worth of $15 million - is probably based on either his own experience dealing with his ex-wife or the stories of money hungry ex-wives, he had heard growing up.

Because he has never really identified as being a married man or being a bachelor for that matter, it's difficult to say what might have promoted such harsh words from him.

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That said, the veteran radio personality doesn't mind giving his piece of mind on marriage-related subjects. 

His tweets range from satirical poke at Bernie Sanders' supporters' dating life to Groucho Marx quote to a silly Valentine's Day joke. Similarly, when the Supreme Court of the United States legalized same-sex marriage, he provided his followers with his two cents on the matter by tweeting:

"Sorry, but now even your gay friends will be getting married before you."

Should Mark were to never get married, he ought to take a solace in knowing that there won't be an ex-wife vying for his hard earned money.

Mark Simone's Net Worth & Salary From The Shows

At present, Mark - whose family's lineage is rooted in Boston, Massachusetts - is a part of a multitude of both TV and radio shows. His indulgence on the said excursions has paid him handsomely. Over the years, the veteran radio personality has amassed a considerable fortune in net worth.

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Although his finances have yet to be made public, the fact that his radio show at WOR was positioned number one in the NYC rating book in the Spring of 2016 should be enough to place on the upper echelon of the highest-paid radio personality.

Mark hosting his radio show at the WOR Radio 710 station (Photo:-

Besides WOR Radio 710, Mark - who is believed to be in his early 50's - works for media giants including Fox Business, iHeartMedia Inc and Spectrum News NY1. All these exertions have done nothing but boasted his salary.

A radio personality working in NYC makes an average salary of $77 thousand. Given Mike's popularity and reach, he ought to make a lot more in salary than a mere $77 thousand.