Nathalie Kelley Is Getting The Vibes of Parenthood From Her Dating Affair With Boyfriend! And It's Adorable

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Nathalie Kelley Is Getting The Vibes of Parenthood From Her Dating Affair With Boyfriend! And It's Adorable

No matter how busy a person is in their professional life, he/she wishes to have a perfect partner who loves them to the moon and back.

Not only the normal people, but the statement applies to the almost all celebrities as well. While some stars of the industry think of inclining their career to a new height of success, some think of a blissful personal life with a loving partner.

The American actress Nathalie Kelley is one of those few celebrities who has not only attained immense success but is also blessed with a supportive boyfriend. Moreover, her love life has not only allowed her to enjoy a pleasant affair but also has helped her to get a parent feeling.

Stay put and keep reading to find out what we're depicting to!

Nathalie Kelley’s Love Life:

The beautiful Nathalie Kelly is openly dating her Vampire Diaries co-star Zach Roerig. The pair first confirmed their romance in November 2016 by sharing a picture on Zach’s Instagram, where the actress can be spotted smiling as she cuddled with her love interest sitting on his lap.


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Prior that, Nathalie shared an image with Zach on her Instagram with an emoji of heart. In the image, Nathalie was seen hugging Zach while they posed for the picture.


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Since that instant, Nathalie and Zach have actively been sharing their dating affair with their fans and followers through social networking sites.


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Nathalie’s relationship with Zach has not only allowed her to enjoy a blissful relationship with her boyfriend but has also has allowed her to experience the feeling of becoming a parent as well.

Nathalie seems emotionally attached to Zach’s daughter, who was born from his ex-girlfriend, Alana Turner.


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According to couple’s social media posts, they have been enjoying a quality time together as a family, but the question is will they get married?

Well, when asked about her thoughts on wedding during an interview with US Weekly back in September 2017, Nathalie said,

 “You know we’re just trying to be present with each other at this moment. But that’s also like a bigger question about if I even believe in that. I don’t think my life is supposed to follow that kind of trajectory. But that’s a whole other conversation.”

That puts the curiosity to a halt for now, don't you think so?

A Little More About Nathalie Kelley:

The actress with mixed ethnicity, Nathalie Kelley was born on March 3, 1985, to very supportive parents in Lima, Peru. Born to an Argentine father and a Peruvian mother, Nathalie showed her interest in acting at a young age.

Nathalie, who attended North Sydney Girls High School, made her film debut with the character Neela Turner action film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006).

Prior that, she appeared in a television series Mermaid (2005) as Nikki, a mermaid who got rescued by a young man after she gets washed ashore. Moreover, Nathalie is known for appearing in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2011) and Body of Proof (2011-2012).

She also gained huge popularity by portraying the love interest of Bruno Mars’ in his 2010 hit song "Just the Way You Are." The most recent acting credit of Nathalie includes Dynasty (2017), where she will be playing the main character of Cristal Flores.