Nicole Byer Actively Searching For A Boyfriend And Make Him A Husband; Already Up To Get Married?

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Nicole Byer Actively Searching For A Boyfriend And Make Him A Husband; Already Up To Get Married?

Famous comedian Nicole Byer has lately been pretty vocal about her wanting a long run boyfriend who she can even marry and call her husband in the future. 

It's normal for her to describe her will and wish in front of people. People have also been wondering about her personal life for a long time now and let us see where we can lead you to.

Nicole's wish to have a boyfriend: 

Everyone wants a partner in life who he or she can share beautiful and cherishable moments with. The same can be said about comedian Nicole Byer. If you are a Nicole Byer fan and follow her on social medias, you will be able to see that she has expressed her desire to have a boyfriend. This tweet from her shall shed some light on her wanting a man in her life. 

Also, she has expressed her desires over on Instagram.


Hanging with the boyfriend. #bae #lovestory #lovedeaddick #swissarmyman

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She captioned this image in a hilarious manner, and this shows her sense of humor as well as her wanting a companion in life. 

No such clear evidence has been found of the comedian being in a committed relationship of sorts in the past, and thus, the void left by her not finding the right companion might be just kicking in at the moment. So she might be seeking a long run partner who she could get married to as well. Happy news single men who fancy the comedian.

Nicole and her show, “Loosely Exactly Nicole”:

Nicole Byer has her own show named “Loosely Exactly Nicole.” The main character, played by comedian Nicole Byer, is a black woman, and she’s neither well-behaved nor thin as a pencil. 

The series debuted on MTV in 2016. The show which gained a fair amount of criticisms is about a single woman (portrayed by Nicole herself) and her two best friends, Devin and Veronica (Jacob Wysocki and Jen D’Angelo), who live in Southern California and the show is not about a certain race or anything like that. 

When asked about her being one of the few black comedians to have her a show of her own, she said,

“I get it — there are very few black female actresses who have been given chances.” 

She also said that being black and having her own show is the least interesting thing about the show. Clearly, it shows that she has her focus on the show and her career rather than her race or color. 

Caption: Loosely Exactly Nicole | First Official Trailer w/ Girl Code’s Nicole Byer | MTV, posted on Jul 31, 2016.

A short bio of Nicole Byer:

Nicole Byer is a famous comedian and actress who starred in the comedy script based on her life, "Loosely Exactly Nicole" and also the prank show "Ladylike." Byer has also appeared in the sketch-comedy series Party Over Here reality show Girl Code, and the Upright Citizens Brigade. 

Speaking of her early life, she cited  Whoopi Goldberg, Tina Turner, and Mo'Nique as early inspirations for her career in the entertainment industry and you can say that she has done her talents full justice.

Also, she seems to have total love for her parents. In an interview, when asked who she thinks is most beautiful she said, 

"My mother. She is such a fucking lady. Every picture I have of her just emulates and screams beauty. My mother was such a funny woman who marched to the beat of a drum somewhere. She made me believe that being smart and interesting is way better than being some basic bitch."

Nicole Byer, born on August 29, 1986, in New Jersey, USA, is a famous comedian and an actress famously known for her own show, "Loosely Exactly Nicole.” Also, she has been a part of several other successful projects in her professional life, and her talents and determination have paid her good dividend. But for people who wonder how much money the famous comedian has, no official statement regarding her net worth is revealed by the comedian.