Phoebe Adele Wiki: Bio and 5 Facts on The Richest Man's Daughter

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Phoebe Adele Wiki: Bio and 5 Facts on The Richest Man's Daughter

Some people reach their goals from scrap while some are born to it.

Well, Phoebe Adele Gates, daughter of a man listed on Forbes list of 400 richest American 24 times in a row, just happened to have it all in her hands.

Phoebe Adele, who just turned 15, is the youngest one in the family; before Phoebe is her two elder siblings, her 21-year old sister Jennifer and 18-year old brother Rory. Who wouldn't want to be born into such richness?  

Even though we spend most of our time looking at those screens, we hardly know about the daughter of this man who made it all easy for us.

Here are five facts about Phoebe Adele, which makes a wiki-like bio of the wealthiest Man's Daughter.

1.) Her Net Worth is of $10 million

Youngest daughter of Bill and Melinda Gates, Phoebe Adele Gates, is born as an heir to $90.5 billion fortune of their parents. However, it seems like Bill and Melinda Gates are only leaving "a minuscule portion" of their wealth to their kids; Bill still believes that this step would compel his children to rely on themselves.

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The couple is set to use most of their fortune in charitable causes, namely Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that aims to eradicate disease, poverty, and hunger across the globe. Someone does have to think about the world after all. Reportedly, Phoebe is privileged with the Net Worth $10 million fortune.

Phoebe Adele Gates with her father, Bill Gates. (Photo:

Quite a fatherly thing to expect from a man who knows his roots!

2.) She has been listed on top 10 most powerful Kids:

Being born as the youngest daughter of a billionaire evidently kept her on the radar; Phoebe Adele Gates remains on the list of the top 10 most powerful kids in the world. 

Wondering how is she the powerful one? Well, because she will get her hands on $10 million of her father's fortune. After all, Bill Gates did say that he would give an undisclosed amount to each of his three children while donating the rest to charity!

3.) Phoebe is currently studying at Professional Children’s Schol School.

Phoebe was previously enrolled in Lakeside School, just like her father. Moreover, sources also report that Phoebe is interested in arts and is on the way to pursue it quite early. Currently, she is studying at Professional Children’s School, New York.

Apart from studying and getting the degree, Phoebe is also involved in art classes at the American Ballet, Lincoln Centre for Performing Arts which is located in New York City. Adding to it, she also attends The Julliard School, Lincoln Center for performing arts, including music, writing, dance, and theater. 

Her two elder siblings graduated from Lakeside School as well, which is a private day school located on the shores of Lake Washington. 

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Bill wasn't always fond of Lakeside; however, it is where he and Paul Allen gained experience and insight to start a company based on a wild idea that nobody believed. Gates even announced that Microsoft would not have existed if there was no Lakeside School.

Bill and Melinda Gates with their children. (Photo:

Even though his fortune is not inherited upon his children, he is providing quite an insight and setting them up for the future to find their path. Phoebe's elder sister, Jennifer, is currently enrolled at Stanford University, probably trying to reach the heights of her father's success.

4.)  Phoebe wasn't allowed to have a cell phone till 13!

In this world of 21stcentury, not owning a cell phone is quite astonishing. Well, that was the scenario for Phoebe and her elder siblings.

It seems that Gates is quite strict about his parenting rule; as per his parenting rules, he wouldn't allow his children cell phone until their thirteenth birthday. Well, turns out the Gates parents limits their children's exposure to technology and imposes rules on the use of gadget in the house.

They set up a timer after which there is no screen time and the kids are encouraged to get sleep at a reasonable hour. Adding to it, the cell phones are not allowed on the dining table while the family is having their meal. 

Gates, when asked if he kept password of his children's Facebook and Instagram account, denied; admitting that monitoring online activity is "a very tricky issue for parents." 

Despite their vast wealth, it's noble that Gates parents still want to give their children as normal upbringing as possible. 

5.) Her Instagram account on Private

As strict as her parents seem, Phoebe is very much determined to keep her life a private one. It surely hasn't been long that Phoebe owned a cell phone. Jennifer, her sister, did wish her on her birthday on her Instagram.

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Well as to Phoebe, her Instagram account is on private and very limited to her friends.

Dealing with strict parents plainly taught her some chores of life. When children have to try their best to deserve the things they get, they learn to respect it. Gates handled the parenting thing pretty well. Indeed, a lot to learn regarding parenting form Gates family, don't you think so?

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