Rachelle Lefevre Keeps Dating Affair With Boyfriend To A Minimum; In Thoughts Of Getting Married?

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Rachelle Lefevre Keeps Dating Affair With Boyfriend To A Minimum; In Thoughts Of Getting Married?

Rachelle Lefèvreis is a beautiful and talented Canadian actress who has attained immense success in her professional life, which is evident through her huge fanbase. But her fans also long to know the real Rachel, i.e. her personal life beyond the screen. So for those unaware of her life off the screen, we provide you with the same.

Rachelle and her boyfriend, getting married anytime soon?

Those who know Rachelle know that she is in a dating relationship with a well-renowned chef, Chris Crary. The two began dating back in 2013, and the romance commenced when the smitten chef tweeted an offer to cook Rachelle a meal.

Usually, she remains secretive about her personal life, but in an interview with the Buzzfeed, she revealed about her boyfriend, i.e. Chris. She said,  

"I have a boyfriend who I’m very serious about."


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After 18 months of dating, Rachelle and Chris got engaged In 2014, just two weeks before the production wrapped the second season of the "Stephen King" series. But they kept things a bit private, which seems normal looking at their secretive past. She even revealed her reaction if Chris proposed in public. She said,

 “I told him if he asked me in public the answer would be no!”

Caption: Rachelle's revealing her gorgeous engagement ring.

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Moreover, Rachel stated her excitement about their engagement in her statement,

“I’m over the moon.”

Furthermore, she added,

“He got the ring and I think it was just burning a hole in his pocket because it was very spurred off the moment so he’d clearly just decided,”

Not only do they share a great love relationship, but they also join forces for good causes like backing animal rights campaign.

In 2015, they teamed up with people at the "Best Friends Animal Society" to encourage the public to adopt pets from shelters instead of buying them from breeders which is indeed a touching gesture from them. 

A joint statement from the couple stated, 

"No single decision has impacted our lives as positively as the choice to adopt our dogs from a shelter. Rescuing an animal is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do, and we are repaid daily in unconditional love."

They further elaborated,

 "We cannot imagine a greater bond than one built on mutual gratitude. We gave our dogs a forever home and in return they have given us a friendship we will cherish forever."

Although the wedding bells are around the corner, Rachel, as well as her soon-to-be husband Chris have not revealed the exact date of their nuptials which knocks any lesbian rumors may have arisen. 

Rachelle Lefèvre, who was born on Feb 1, 1979, in Canada, is an actress by profession and is a household name in the industry. She is talented and has been able to do significant justice to her talents and abilities with her famous roles in successful projects like "A Gifted Man", "The Crossing", "Under the Dome" and any more. Her skills and dedication have paid her good dividend and thus, she has been able to accumulate an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million.