Laura Mennell Dating To Get Married, Revealed? Family, Net Worth & Facts

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Canadian actress, Laura Mennell is dating on camera but what about her real-life..... Is she committed to a boyfriend or has already tied the knot with a husband?...... Fans suspect the actress is secretly bound in a married life with..... The Alphas actress possesses a net worth of ... while standing at the height of......
Laura Mennell Dating To Get Married, Revealed? Family, Net Worth & Facts

Canadian actress, Laura Mennell, who is known for her diversified acting skills in the entertainment industry, has also swirled many rumors with that. Importantly, she is not concerned about being typecast.

The Alphas actress enjoys a successful career but what about her personal life. Is she committed to a boyfriend or has already tied the knot with a husband?

With her unspoken dating life, her fans are more concerned if she is bound in secretive married life.

On-screen Dating; Married Life In Dark

While Laura beautifully portrays the role of Osterman's first girlfriend Janey in the series, Watchmen, her real-life boyfriend is nowhere to be seen.

Laura Mennell has become a household name as she played many characters which have made her an actress with diverse talents. Though she has not yet opened the cap of her dating life, her justifiable portrayal of romance on camera hitched the audience's doubt on her low-key dating life and married life.

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Laura Menell with on-screen boyfriend in Watchmen (Photo:

Laura has already reached a suitable married age, but the 38-year-old actress has not dropped a word about her married life and husband.

Since she is busy taking her professional life to the optimum height, Laura is more determined to her work underlying her romantic life over the hill.

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The beautiful actress has already hitched her audience with the realistic on-screen dating life, so hope she would soon come forward with an active dating life and reward her fans with a boyfriend.

Shed On Family, Flaunts Daughter; Net Worth Speaks Career

Laura was introduced in the entertainment industry as a young teenage actress of 18 playing a minor role in the movie, I've Been Waiting For You. 

Born on 18 April 1980, she grew up in Mission, British Colombia. She is also fluent in French as she had attended French Immersion schools throughout her elementary and high school.

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Well, similar to her love life well-packed on the box, her family information also remains a secret. But she is the cousin of the legendary voice-actor from Duck Tails, Alan Young.

She once tweeted in August 2017 mentioning that it would be nice if she memorized the family recipes. It seems her family owns a unique recipe kept inside the family as a secret.

Laura Mennell tweets on family recipes (Photo: Laura Mennell's Twitter)

Laura, who stands at the height of 5' 9", puts more effort on flaunting her on-screen family life rather than real-life family.

She shared a picture of her on-screen daughter from the short film, Limina, on her Facebook account back in October 2015. And the unmarried actress in real life seemed to enjoy playing the role of an on-screen mother.

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Her parents would be overwhelmed to welcome their grandchildren, but here Laura has not even outspoken about her dating status, neither she has revealed any plans on getting married.

Laura Mennell with on-screen daughter in October 2015 (Photo: Laura Mennell's Facebook)

Well, there are numerous movies and tv shows where she has portrayed the role of a family woman. Laura, who possesses perfect body measurements, also has a high demand in the industry and was the  No. 1 spot on People With Money’s top 10 highest-paid actresses in 2018, She currently enjoys an estimated net worth of $58 million.