Reena Ninan, Mix Ethnicity Journalist, Loves To Hang Around With Author Husband and Children

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Reena Ninan, Mix Ethnicity Journalist, Loves To Hang Around With Author Husband and Children

There is no doubt that the bond between a mother and her baby is unbreakable, but the relationship between the partners determines a baby’s future, the love that he’ll receive from his parents and the nurturing.

There are most of the parents whose priority is their children but do you know the one who can equally manage their time for their kids and their profession?

If you follow CBS News, then you must have known Reena Ninan. She falls in the category of the journalists who provides equal time to her profession and family.  An American television journalist Reena who is popular as ABC News “World News Now” co-anchor alongside T.J. Holmes loves to spend time with her loving husband and children.

A skilled journalist with a broad range of experience, Reena is also an amateur chef who loves cooking, especially for her kids.

Today, we will help you to have a glance in her personal life and how she spends her time with her kids. Let’s begin with her marriage.

Reena's Married Life: Husband and Children

Reena got married to one of the talented American authors and journalists Kevin Peraino. They met each other in Jerusalem. They together have two children; a son named Jack and a daughter named Kate.

Born on June 7, 1976, Kevin grew up in Ridgefield, Connecticut. A graduate of Northwestern University, Kevin is best known for his book Lincoln in the World: The Making of a Statesman and the Dawn of American Power. It is one of the best books on President Lincoln. He previously worked for Newsweek magazine as a writer. Currently, he is writing a book about China.

Both Reena and her husband love spending time with their family. But due to their hectic schedule, they barely get time to spend with their kids. However, they enjoy fullest whenever they are with their family.

Here are some of Reena’s tweets where she is found enjoying time with her son Jack and daughter Kate:


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She has Adorable Kids:

No Doubt Reena is adorable with her amazing presenting skills but her children are more adorable.


Seeing sunlight for the first time in 6 months! That's a happy scream. #SeeyaWinter

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Sunday morning expedition.

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We waited all weekend to do this. #Blizzard2016

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The moment you meet your hero & your 5 year-old brother photobombs. (Yes. She is wearing her Anna & Elsa shoes).

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Aren’t they cute? We must say Reena has cute kids. Who wouldn’t love to spend their time with them?

Reena is a fun loving person:

Most of we admire her. She is too cute and is down to earth. You can see another part of Reena in the video below:

Caption: Reena Ninan behind the scenes on World News Now.

Short Bio of Reena Ninan:

Reena, who stands tall with the height of five feet four inches, was born on April 30, 1979, in Tampa, Florida, U.S. To all the people out there who were confused regarding her ethnicity, she is an Indian-American. Active in broadcasting the world since 1999, Reena has collected a wide range of experience.

Reena has received bachelor’s degree in political communication from George Washington University. She also holds a minor in women studies. Reena is now a successful and versatile personality with incredible presenting skills.

She has been reporting across the United States of America and around the world. She has reported from the countries like Iraq, Libya, India, Israel, Indonesia, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. Glamour magazine's "Women on the Front Lines" for the month of July 2011, Ninan anchors CBS Weekend News and CBSN.