RZA Reveals Wife, Family Story & Mistakes, Net Worth Covers All But Still Regret

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RZA Reveals Wife, Family Story & Mistakes, Net Worth Covers All But Still Regret

American rapper, Robert Fitzgerald Diggs aka RZA has stamped success all over his career with its outstanding talents and skills. The leader of Wu-Tang Clan has been adding figures to his fame and fortune. 

And same goes for the Grammy-award winning rapper's love life, who has been previously married before. Married to his ex-wife, he even shares children with her, who all has interesting names.  

Later, the Funny People star moved on from his life and got married for the second time.

Family With Ex-Wife, Regrets Kids Out Of Wedlock

Also the actor, RZA began his married life after tying the nuptial knot with Eboni Mills.

Both, RZA and  Eboni exchanged their wedding vows in a wedding ceremony back in July 2000. The pair had a wedding ceremony which was accompanied by their guests, family and close friends.

After their wedding, the couple was even looking forward to having a family of their own and soon the pair were blessed with children. RZA, who has a net worth of $18 million, shares three kids with his wife, Eboni, who all have unique and interesting names. Their kids are named Shaquasia, Melchizedek, Understanding and Eternity Diggs.

However, while still bounded by marital bond RZA shared children with other women outside of the marriage. Even though the names of the women he had a fling has not been revealed yet, it has come to light that he has two children outside of marriage.

He is a father to Raindia Diggs, born on 27 March 2000, and Pranda Diggs, born on 1 August 2000. Well, it has been reported that RZA, who has produced almost all songs of Wu-Tang Clan, regrets having his children with other women.

As the time went by, his relationship with his wife started getting sour. After six years of being together, the pair decided to part ways. The couple had their divorce in 2006.

Some sources have even reported that his then-wife, Eboni cheated on him with some other guy. However, much details of their divorce is still a mystery; it is not sure if his relationship with his wife ended with a heart-break.

Happily Married With Second Wife

After his unsuccessful marriage with Eboni, RZA, who has also released solo albums under the alter-ego Bobby Digital, moved on with his current wife. After three years of his divorce, he found love again. RZA is currently married with Talani Rabb-Diggs, who is a model doing fashion shoes.

RZA exchanged the wedding vows with Talani on 29 August 2009. The wedding ceremony took place in Santa Barbara which was attended by their invited guests, family, and close friends.

RZA with wife Talani attends the PETA35th-anniversary party at Hollywood Palladium on 30 September 2015. (Photo: gettyimages.com)

The couple is still going strong with their marriage. However, they do not share any children yet. The pair will be celebrating their 9 years of marital bond next month.