Rumored Gay Actor Scott Bakula Learns From His Mistakes! Prioritizes Married Life and Put Wife and Children Before Work

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Rumored Gay Actor Scott Bakula Learns From His Mistakes! Prioritizes Married Life and Put Wife and Children Before Work

Life is more about experiencing and learning from the mistakes. Everyone has that point in life, where one happens to make inappropriate decisions. Later, that particular thing can make us regret in our entire lives.

Howsoever, many of us manage to learn from the mistake and try to make up the mega fault. It resembles that the American actor Scott Bakula is also one of those, as he has learned from the mistakes.

We are relating this topic with the personal life of the artist, where he has children and wife of years. Sometime back in the past, Scott had made some not so right decisions regarding his parenting and other family matter he hasn't been that open about.

Today, let’s find out more how is he coping up with his mistakes.

Relationship With Wife And Children - Managing Time?

Scott Bakula has been wowing us for a long time. He has been in the tabloids and has managed to be there with the news regarding his works. Surprisingly, there is a lot more to know about his personal life as well!

Scott Bakula is sharing a marriage bliss with his wife Chelsea Field after they tied the knot in 2009. The wedding came after the pair shared the romance for 15 years since they began dating. The pair shares two children together, Wil Botfield who is at the age of 23 and Owen Barrett, who is at the age of 19.

His youngest one Owen is a dancer and a singer who idolizes Beyonce. 

Scott at the red carpet of Where Lincon’s Legacy Lives alongside with his wife Chelsea Field and sons, Wil and Owen. (Photo:

The 62 years old actor has been able to keep his family behind the curtains, and the reason might because he has been very busy with his works. 

Talking about his personal life, it has a lot to do with his unsuccessful first marriage. Wondering how?

Well! the Missouri native was previously married to Krista Neumann on 1981. The two shares two children together, a daughter Chelsy, age 34, and a son, Cody, who is at the age of 27. But sadly, at that point in Scott’s life, he was not able to give as much time as he wanted to, for his kids and wife.

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He was not able to make his presence at the time when his daughter needed the father’s love and support the most. The burdensome time loosens the relationship that he shared with his family, which happened to be the reason behind the split with his wife. 

Scott Bakula attended 50th Golden Globe Awards with his then-wife, Krista Neumann. (Photo:

The couple finalized their divorce back in 1995 after being together for almost 14 years since they tied the wedding knot back in 1981. After sharing two kids and over a decade a relationship the couple parted ways which happened to a big lesson for him as he late made sure to put in efforts with his current wife. 

Later, with the beginning of his second marriage, Scott put in efforts to make the relationship between him and his wife work while keeping his personal and professional life at distance. Adding to it, he put in all the efforts just to make his marriage life "happy and successful."

In the following contract, for Star Trek: Enterprise, Scott Bakula actually signed a contract with the clause, which says the filming last till 6 pm every Wednesday. The reason for doing that was to take time from his work, just to have a dinner with his wife and children.

Scott also made time to coach his sons’ soccer and baseball teams

More recently, Scott Bakula, who has a net worth of $10 million, has been amusing many with his role as special agent Dwayne Cassius on the NCIS: New Orleans. With his work alongside, he returns to L.A. every weekend, so that he could spend time with his wife.

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As of now, Scott Bakula is making all the effort to make things up for his daughter and sons. Meanwhile, he is also working on his marriage to make it successful and that he has been doing spectacularly.

But here’s the other thing, though he has a happy married life, people often speculate him to be gay; however, that seems to be untrue, given the circumstances.

Working Alongside His wife

Well, as Scott was putting in an effort for his second marriage to work, he would not miss out any chance he would get to do so. While doing so, he even got a chance to feature alongside his wife in his most-watched television series NCIS: New Orleans.

The show's star is much glad that he gets to spend much time with his wife apart from their daily busy schedules. His wife Chelsea previously appeared in 4 of the episodes as his ex-girlfriend Rita Devereaux.

Scott Bakula starring alongside his wife Chelsea Filed in NCIS: New Orleans. (Photo:

Well, turns out Chelsea is yet again set to appear in the coming season of the series. In an interview with on February 2018, Scott stated, 

"Yes, and I can announce that she's going to be back this year also. We love to work together and we don't always get a chance to see that much of each other now with the show filming in New Orleans and our home and children being in Los Angeles. So when she works on the show, she leaves our son and our house and comes to New Orleans to be with me, which is fun for both of us."

Scott, who love working beside his wife, revealed that it would be their little getaway as they would leave their kids at home in Los Angeles while they both work in New Orleans for a time being.

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Indeed, it would be a small getaway for the couple as they hardly get to spend any time together as they are always caught up with kids as work. While moving along the episodes, Scott has hinted that he might be leaving the show as the show ended in a cliffhanger, in which Scott is seen battling unconsciously to live after he was shot by an assassin.

Even though fans have been speculating of his departure, there has not been any actual news of him leaving the show just yet. 

Stay with us for latest updates on Scott Bakula!