Shelton Benjamin Has A Daughter But Not A Wife! Not Married At All?

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Shelton Benjamin Has A Daughter But Not A Wife! Not Married At All?

The happiness a child brings to your life is priceless. The fact perfectly fits with American professional wrestler, Shelton Benjamin, as he too experiences the joy of fatherhood and loves flaunting his love with his fans and followers as well.

But while basking in the joy of fatherhood, he has concealed the details of his love life, and it is known that he is yet to get married.

So who is the mother of his daughter? Does he have a girlfriend who could soon be his wife? Let's read on to find out!

Shelton Benjamin Flaunts His Daughter But Doesn’t Have A Wife:

Professional wrestler Shelton Benjamin, who hits his opponent hard has a soft spot as well, and that spot is for his daughter, Kyana. He takes out moments from his busy schedule to spend with her and shares the precious moment via social media as well.

Shelton took his daughter to the Houston zoo back in March 2011 and shared his experience of the visit via Twitter.

The proud father Shelton takes pride in the achievement of her daughter; he adorably congratulated her on graduating from high school back in May 2017,

However, although he has gushed about his daughter, the mother of his daughter is still in the shadows, and her identity remains a mystery until now.

Shelton is not only a father to his daughter, Kyana; he is also a godfather to the oldest daughter of WWE fame, Charlie Haas. Shelton requested Wikipedia to make edits in the same concern back in July 2016,

In a nutshell, Shelton is yet to exchange wedding vows and experience a married life with a wife, but everyone remains hopeful that he gets to enjoys a conjugal life soon!

More about Shelton Benjamin:

American professional wrestler Shelton Benjamin was born on July 9, 1975, in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Shelton is a graduate of the University of Minnesota; he was a two-sport athlete in the college and even won collegiate wrestling and NJCAA championship in both track and field.

He has further won Intercontinental Champion three times during his association with WWE and was even ranked among ten single wrestlers in the year 2005 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

Benjamin announced hiatus from wrestling due to torn rotator cuff back in 2016. However, as of now, Shelton has signed a contract with WWE under the brand called SmackDown and further is renowned for his performance in Pro Wrestling Noah, Ring of Honor, and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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