Still Young By Heart Harry Dean Stanton Expressed Sorrow When Girlfriend Left Him Shattering Dreams Of Getting Married

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Still Young By Heart Harry Dean Stanton Expressed Sorrow When Girlfriend Left Him Shattering Dreams Of Getting Married

No matter how many persons you date, when you find a perfect person with whom you wish to spend your entire life, you can’t stop dreaming your future with that specific one.

Well, not every person are blessed enough to make their dreams come true. While there are so many people, who are left behind with a shattered dreams.

Talking about American actor Harry Dean Stanton, he is one of those individuals whose desire to get married to his loved one was smashed.

Heart broke by his Girlfriend: 

Still young by heart, ninety-year-old Harry Dean Stanton was once in a romantic relationship with Rebecca De Mornay in the year 1982. During an interview with Flavorwire in 2013, Stanton recalled his affair with Rebecca where he shared the time, both filmed “Risky Business” together.

Caption: Harry Dean Stanton with his ex-girlfriend Rebecca De Mornay at an event for Identity in 2003.

Photo credit: IMDb

But Harry was left heart broke when Rebecca left him for Tom Cruise in 1983.

Does Stanton regret remaining Unmarried?

In an interview with Blouinartinfo Stanton expressed his sorrow of heartbreak with Rebecca. He revealed that he even proposed Rebecca to be his wife, which proves he was serious about the relationship with her. No doubt, his dream to get married to her was shattered when Rebecca left him. Since then he is not married but states that he has one or two children. When Blouinartinfo inquired Stanton if he regrets staying unmarried his whole life, he replied-

“Regret is another form of suffering, which I’m not into. It’s pointless. If I did regret, I’d have a lot of regrets, but ultimately you have to accept what you do and what happens. We’re all hardwired genetically from when we’re born. We react in a certain way and we have nothing to do with it. Ultimately, we’re not in charge of our lives.”

Harry Dean Stanton, whose career has spanned more than sixty years, has many remarkable acting credits. He is notable for appearing in the films like Kelly's Heroes, Dillinger, Escape from New York, The Godfather Part II, Cool Hand Luke, Repo Man, Pretty in Pink, Texas,  Paris, The Last Temptation of Christ, Wild at Heart, Inland Empire, and The Straight Story. Along with the immense popularity, Stanton has also received incredible earnings which reflect in his net worth, which is around $10 million. Many hoaxes arose regarding Stanton's death last year, but that subsided as soon as the truth came out that Stanton is alive and healthy.