Tariq Nasheed Real Name Confusion Cleared! Wife & Net Worth Detail As Bonus

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Tariq Nasheed Real Name Confusion Cleared! Wife & Net Worth Detail As Bonus

A multi-faceted man, K-flex is known as a producer, author, filmmaker and internet show host. Just like his numerous professional fields, this man is often confused by fans as goes by a series of nicknames, which are more famous than his real names. Often called by his followers as King Flex or K-Flex, he goes by the name "Tariq Elite" on his Instagram account. However, none are his real name.

Furthermore, there are more aspects of Tariq's personal life which hadn't been explored before. Fasten your seat belts as you take a thrilling ride to the life of this dynamic guy discovering his marriage details and career-related info!

Real Name Revealed; Loving Husband And Proud Father

Tariq Nasheed, as fewer of his fans know him by his real name, is a family man and quite a good husband.

He got married his lovely wife, Peanut Nasheed in 2014. A year later, the couple welcomed their son, Asir Nasheed, on 15 February 2015. Tariq informed his followers sharing the news through his Instagram. 

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The 43-year-old has two more children besides Asir and he is a proud father of three. Further, he also shares a very close relationship with his family and has occasionally flaunted them on social media.

On 23 November 2015, Tariq shared a beautiful picture, in which he appeared along with his mother, wife, daughter and two sons.

Tariq shares some private moments with his family (Photo: Tariq Nasheed's Instagram)

A loyal husband, Tariq knows how to make his wife happy taking her out to dinners and dates. On 5 August 2017, he took Peanut to a romantic date night at Mr. Chows in Malibu. He even captured the moment by clicking a picture and shared it with his followers.

Tariq enjoys a date with Peanut at Mr. Chows in Malibu on 5 August 2017 (Photo: Tariq Nasheed's Instagram)

Moreover, his daughter Taria has grown up to be a beautiful lady also intelligent as she recently graduated from high school. A proud father, Tariq shared the news of his daughter's graduation on 7 June 2018 and congratulated Taria for achieving the milestone. 

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Apart from his personal life, the Detroit-born has also been doing well in his professional career.

Involved In Many Fields, Net Worth

Tariq is truly a master of all trades, as he has involved himself in various businesses. He works as a filmmaker and has released his documentary film series titled Hidden Colors in 2011.

An entrepreneur, he has also released two mobile games namely Crispy’s Biscuits and Moorish Kingdom.

Further, Tariq is also an author and has published a series of books including Play or Be Played, The Elite Way, The Art of Mackin, The Mack Within and The Art of Gold Digging. Of all his published works, The Art of Macking is his most famous book which became a New York Times Bestseller selling over 250,000 copies.

Tariq has generated substantial revenue from his various fields of work, however, the exact amount of his net worth is not disclosed.

Black Rights Activist

Tariq, who is an advocate of equal rights for black people, have been active lately on Twitter where he points out the racist behaviors of white people and the way African-American people are stereotyped by the white supremacist. 

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On 17 August 2018, he posted on Instagram talking about an incident that had happened at the Orlando airport when a guy got arrested. He wrote about the incident,

"A man gets arrested at the #Orlando airport for causing a disturbance, and he tells police “your treating me like a Black person. And why does this look like a scene from a Will Ferrell movie?"

In a tweet shared on the same day, he mentioned the racist behavior of Papa John's owner had tarnished the reputation of the restaurant franchise. He further wrote that Papa John was trying to clean up its acts by hiring a black worker as its PR manager. 

Tariq alone can't eradicate the racism against black people in the US, but he has been taking initiation to encourage the African-American community to fight against the injustice.