Tasha Smith Having Issues With Husband Over The Matter Of Having Children; Also A Look At Her indistinguishable Twin Sister

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Tasha Smith Having Issues With Husband Over The Matter Of Having Children; Also A Look At Her indistinguishable Twin Sister

Children are the key links in a marital relationship. But when you are unable to conceive and the dreams of you becoming a parent dies, at times, you face some issues in your marital relationship.

Tasha Smith and her ex-husband share a similar story, where Tasha's inability to conceive was used as a weapon against her. Let's get hold of the whole story now.

 Complicated issues Between Tasha and Keith:

Tasha and Keith were married for a long run, but the relationship finally ended in 2015, when Tasha found out that her husband was living a double life with children from his past relationship. It came out as a shocker to Tasha when she figured out that Keith was previously married not only once not twice but five times. The relationship ended granting Tasha an annulment.

The relationship began crumbling when Tasha sought a restraining order against Keith and said that Tasha was worried Keith would try to kill her. As time passed by, stories came out about Keith's abuse, manipulation of Smith's money, infidelities and a series of other stuff. 

Tasha said she was ready to move on from Keith and in her words, she said,

“Honey, I’m happy. I am happy, and you know all things work together for the good. Everything is divine, and I’m so grateful that I discovered the things that I discovered so that I could have my life back.”

Caption: Tasha Smith and Keith Douglas separated following a series of issues.

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But this is what Tasha had to say, Keith too came up for his defense to save his reputation.  He took over Twitter to share his thoughts on this whole chaotic scenario. He tweeted (and then deleted the tweet) that Tasha lived her life recklessly, and drugs, disease, and a destroyed reproductive system had wreaked havoc on her emotions.

In his words,

“Sadly when you have tried to love someone who is/was an addict although they may have recovered, or at least want you to think they have recovered, they often still carry the behaviors of their addiction,”

“Erratic, dysfunctional and deceitful! There’s a difference in being a stellar actress able to be convincing in any role & someone who’s being their ugly selves in every role.”

He continued, 

“Drugs,disease & a destroyed reproductive system wreaked havoc in her heart. So dark in her heart. I continue to pray for her deliverance.”

The issues did not end there as Keith later came back for her money and as a result, Tasha ended up paying Douglas a $50,000 lump sum and $7,000 a month in alimony. 

Moreover, the fact that Tasha could not become a mother was used by Keith as a weapon towards her even after the two were already on separate paths. The fire burnt so much that Keith, as per reports, called Tasha a b***h when she could not conceive. A source claimed, 

“He started harassing her,"

Following the split, Tasha threw herself back to work, and the source also added,

“She is traumatized. She broke down, and she was crying. She’s at work now in Atlanta. But it’s like she’s working to give him money.” 

Source also argues that Tasha is hurt that Keith's children turned their backs on her as Tasha was the one keeping them all together.

“He was a lousy f****ng father. He didn’t have a relationship with his children. She got all them kids together.” 

Let us just hope that Tasha gets peace in her life.

Twin magic- Tasha and Her Twin Sister!

Besides, her married life, did you know Tasha also has a twin sister who looks exactly like Tasha?

Her name is Sidra Smith, and she looks totally like her sister Tasha. Well, you have to see it to believe it.

Caption: Tasha Smith and her twin sister Sidra Smith

Photo Credit: iloveoldschoolmusic.com

The only difference they have is the short hair and the long hair the twins possess.

Tasha Smith is an American actress born on February 28, 1971, in Camden, New Jersey who is most famous for her roles in "Why Did I Get Married?" and "Why Did I Get Married Too?". She began her career with her project, "Twin Sisters" and has been able to impress everyone since then. She is someone who puts in loads of efforts in her works, and as a result, she has been able to accumulate a hefty sum of money as her net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.