Alex Lange Bio: Age, Height, Girlfriend, Parents

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Alex Lange Bio: Age, Height, Girlfriend, Parents

At age 15, Instagram sensation Alex Lange got thrust into International superstardom as a dreamy-eyed boy next door. Despite the cross-continental fanfare, the Paris France native remained humble enough not to let his newfound fame come between him and his parents.

Heck, he even got himself a girlfriend -- an actress, at that. Sadly, his post-fame dating affair turned into a puppy affair, a brief yet intense fling that eventually runs its course over time.

A closer look into his biography will reveal more including how he's coping with the separation at the moment and also, net worth and birthday.

Trouble In Dating: Splits With Girlfriend Of 2 Years

While the rest of the world was making New Year's plan, Alex was secretly reeling from his breakup with his girlfriend of two years, Bailee Madison.

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In early January 2018, a close source to the lovebirds - in an interview with Entertainment Tonight - broke the devastating news of how they had called it quits.

Alex Lange embraces his then-girlfriend, Bailee Madison in a photo taken on his 17th birthday in 2018 (Photo:- Alex Lange's Instagram)

To many, the recent development between Alex and Good Witch star, who stands five feet and five inches in height (168 cm), came as a surprise. Because a month before the reports of their breakup hit the headlines, the former joined the latter in the podcast Just Between Us, whereby they provided never-heard-before insight into their dating life.

By the social media influencer admission, he didn't waste any time professing his love for Bailee, who's two years older than him. Recounting the early blissful phase, he quipped:-

"I said I love you the night I met you. And I said every night for six months until you said it back."

His muse, however, took some time - six months, to be more precise - before she uttered those three words back to him. In Alex's own words:-

"When you said it back, it was worth it - it meant something. Don't get me wrong, I wish you hadn't left me hanging for half a year, but I'll take what I can get."

The story goes that he and his now-ex hit it off from the get-go after getting acquainted at the opening of a clothing store in 2016. Despite the long-distance nature of their relationship, the smitten duo remained in touch via texts and phone calls.

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And when they finally got together, Alex handed her a pebble - just like Penguins do when they find their soul mate - as a token of love. Imagine going through all that, only to get your heart broken.

Bio Uncovers Essential Details - Age, Height & Parents

As devastated as The Unsettling actor may feel in the inside, he has very little to fear about not finding the right one at any given moment.

Now age 19, Alex - who celebrates his birthday on 3rd March every year - is the world's most sought teen heartthrob after the split, no doubt. With his boyish features and five foot and eleven inches (180 cm) height, the chances of him remaining single for too long are zero to none.

But for the time being, the former Team10 member, who boasts a reported net worth of $75 thousand, seems all too focused on one woman -- his mother, who happens to his best friend as well.

Alex Lange smiles for a selfie with his mom for a 2019 Insta post (Photo:- Alex Lange's Instagram)

Born on 3rd March 2001 in Paris, France, Alex grew up with his brother Matthieu Lange and a sister in a multi-cultural household headed by his parents, Marc and Sylvie Lange.

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When he decided to pursue a career in show-biz and leave England for America, his parents did everything to support him; which is why when asked to pick between his friends and family, he aptly chose the latter.