Did Alyssa Edwards Get Married To Her Partner? Personal Life Detail

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Did Alyssa Edwards Get Married To Her Partner? Personal Life Detail

If someone is in a dating relationship, then they are in the sharp point; either they are remodeling their ties towards married life, or they are going to pass through a hard break up with their partner.

Well, in the case of an American drag performer Alyssa Edwards, she is in romantic love life. But has she leveled up her relationship as a married couple or is she still in a dating relationship?

Let's peek the current relationship status of  Alyssa Edwards!

Is Alyssa Edward's Partner Boyfriend Or Husband? Are They Married?

Justin Johnson, who has acclaimed popularity as Alyssa Edwards, is a drag performer as well as a dance teacher by profession.

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Besides her professional life, she is hooked up in a romantic relationship with Macro from March 2014. After a year of their relationship, she posted a collage of duo on her Facebook account, citing celebration of 1 year of love.

Alyssa celebrates one year of being together (Photo:- Alyssa Edward's Facebook)

Back in May 2014, Alyssa took Twitter to acknowledge her boyfriend as the best boyfriend in the world. Furthermore, through the same tweet which has since been deleted, she affirmed that she is happy dating Macro.

"I Have The Bestest Boyfriend in The World! After the rehearsal home cooked meal, wine and clean house. I am happy."

Besides this, Alyssa has also opened up about her relationship with Marco on her YouTube videos. Back in July 2014, she shared a video titled 'Alyssa Edwards' Secret - Alyssa's Boyfriend Marco' where she is having a phone talk with him. 

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Well, Alyssa seems to have a very romantic relationship with her partner; however, the duo hasn't probably reckoned about leveling up their relationship and heading towards married life. In this context, the well-wishers of Alyssa should have the patience to see her enjoying married life with her husband.

Alyssa Officiates Wedding Between Two Gay Partners

While Alyssa has yet to tie the knots with her so-called boyfriend, the 38-year-old has had the luxury to officiate a wedding.

Alyssa alongside the newly married couple's wedding she helped officiate (Photo:- gaystarnews.com)

As predicted, the wedding, which took place in December of 2017, was drenched in flamboyance, as shared by a guest in the attendance who described the wedding Alyssa had officiated as:

"Honestly the whole night was VERY gay and I lived for the whole thing. There were ponies, neon, candles, a riding bull, and it was costume mandatory so everyone turned looks."

It was later learned that the wedding was exclusively shot for Alyssa' TV show. Neither the married couple nor the guests at the ceremony were allowed to take photos.

Alyssa Edwards Bio Including Family & Net Worth

Born on January 16, 1980, in Mesquite, TX, Alyssa Edwards has a prolific career but still hasn't talked much about her family life. However, she has mourned grief on her mother's death back on 6th September 2014 via a tweet.

"Today My Mother Has Been Laid To Rest. Thank You For Every Kind Message, Comment & Prayer. I Am Beyond Blessed. Always and Forever, Justin"

Talking about her professional career, she was a drag competitor during 2000s and later on achieved a title of Miss Gay Texas (2003-2004). However, she was dethroned from it after having business dealings that conflicted with the Miss Gay America organization in 2010. Her popularity reached the summit of the horizon after she joined 'RuPaul's Drag Race' in 2016.

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Edwards, who has keen dedication towards dance, is an owner of a dance studio where she gives classes to young dancers. Talking about her passion for dance and her dancing studio in an interview with Dallas Observer in September 2016, she said,

“The studio is really kind of the foundation of my fantasy. As much as I love to travel and be on stage and perform, I knew at a very young age that I wanted to a be choreographer and a director. I knew I wanted to be the Steven Spielberg of dance. I wanted to create the sets, the ideas, the moves; I wanted to tell stories through movement, costumes, hair and make-up, so I make time to be there. It gets difficult, but whenever I’m at home, I’m never home. I’m always at the studio.”

However, during a season of Drag Race, she traveled all around the world expressing her dance performance in lesbian drag queen persona which eventually limited her involvement in her dance studio.

In October of 2018, Netflix premiered a new documentary styled reality series Dancing Queen starring Alyssa as its lead. The Netflix special follow Alyssa as she juggles her hectic life amidst family drama, relationship troubles as well as dealing with dance moms.

As a dance teacher and drag performer, Alyssa undoubtedly owes an adequate amount of finance, however, she hasn't come up officially about her net worth.