Is Angell Conwell Dating Someone Who She Could Get Married To? Actress With No Hard Feelings For Past Boyfriend

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Is Angell Conwell Dating Someone Who She Could Get Married To? Actress With No Hard Feelings For Past Boyfriend

Everybody has their share of love experience, and every individual deal with the matters of their heart very differently; both when they are dating and when they’ve broken up. It's just a matter of one's attitude.

Some go crazy over their break up and do binge drinking in the excuse of missing that special one, and there are some who casually take what fate had to offer. Nothing replaces Angell Conwell as the best example here.

Surely the fans remember this beautiful personality from ‘Family Time.' She also has her share of experience with love which she is open about, unlike other celebrities who keep the matter low-key. Additionally, she handled all of it in a way like a put-together person, which is rare these days.

But the real question is, is she dating after ending previous dating affair? Let's take a closer look at Angell's life for the answer!

Is Angell Conwell Dating Someone?

Angell Conwell is an actress with looks that could crush your soul into pieces, and surprisingly, there are plenty out there, who want to get their soul broken by her. Most probably, you’re one of them as well.

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Well, this may gather a lot of smiles, as Angell at the moment seems to be single. Yes, the actress has not linked herself with any man since her last dating affair; at least not publically. But Angell appearing to be solo doesn’t necessarily mean she is available.

That is because she is a little selective towards who she starts dating. No, this isn’t something that exists in awry, but rather something learned from her previous dating affair with her former boyfriend.

No Hard Feelings For Ex-Boyfriend!

Angell Conwell previously indulged herself in a dating affair with her co-star and on-screen husband from ‘Family Time,’ Omar Gooding. Yes, the couple were well on their way to become a real-life married couple, if it wasn’t for their split.

After about four years of dating, Angell and Omar took their separate ways when things did not work out. However, their break up did not turn out to be a nasty one.

In a 2016 interview, Angell said that she thinks highly of Omar and acknowledges the fact that their split was something unavoidable. When asked what it is like to work with an ex-boyfriend, she divulged,

“You know, everybody deals with relationships and matters of the heart differently. Anybody I’ve been with has genuinely been important to me. I will never really be able to badmouth an ex. There’s only been a handful, and those people are close to my heart.”

She also revealed that Omar was the one she shared her first relationship with and that she’ll always feel love for him. Angell also gushed that the real life ex-couple don’t find it awkward to play on-screen husband and wife at all.

“Omar was my first relationship. Of course, we’re human, we had our challenges, but I can speak for myself and say there was never animosity. It was just a timing situation. It didn’t work out. I’ve always had love for him, and I’ll always have love for him. So honestly, for me, it was actually very easy. I didn’t have to think too much about it. It never got awkward. Once you know someone’s heart and you know what their intentions are, it’s easier to get through situations with them.”

Since their split, Angell, who has a net worth of $2 million, stays focused on her career and has not been linked with anyone romantically publically.

On the other hand, Omar seems to have found love with his baby's mama secretly. Both Angella and Omar appears to be happy in their respective lives and remain good friends/co-actors regardless of their past.

Any Chance That Angell & Omar Might Rekindle Romance?

Given the history, it is not an uncommon phenomenon for reporters to field her with the questions about her ex, despite her continual assertion that the two might never become an item.

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To this day, she lays claim that they are great friends; nothing less and nothing more. When quizzed by journo Gabriel Williams in 2014 if there was a chance that the on-screen married couple might rekindle their old romance, she echoed similar sentiments by quipping:-

"That was my first serious relationship. It’s been so long. He’s in a relationship. I’ve moved on in that aspect as well. And he’s someone that will forever be special to me and hopefully an eternal friend."

True to her words, Angell has done everything in her ability to stay friends with her on-screen husband.

Angell Conwell gets congratulated by her ex-boyfriend Omar Gooding (Photo:- Omar Gooding's Instagram)

Over the years, the pair's relationship has slowly evolved into a family-like bond. Or else how would anyone explain Omar inviting her to his son's first birthday?

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After the birthday celebration, the Soul Plane actress thanked her co-star for letting her be part of the event on Instagram. Omar fittingly repaid the favor by thanking her via Instagram after the airing of Family Time's series finale. 

Perhaps, dialing down on the complementary exchanges online would help refute the baseless gossip of them getting back together.