Angie Varona Bio, Boyfriend, Parents, Ethnicity

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Angie Varona Bio, Boyfriend, Parents, Ethnicity

American model, Angie Varona became a subject of public humiliation and shame in 2007 when inappropriate photos of her surfaced on the internet. A teenager then, Angie underwent severe depression and even turned to drugs as a coping mechanism. But, drugs are never a solution, and she soon realized it.

Now, a successful model and internet personality, Angie looks back at the incident as a minor drawback in her life; meaning she has moved on. And, with a loving and supporting boyfriend, she has nothing more to ask.

Dating History

Angie has been actively dating since she was a teenager. Although she may have hidden bits of information about her dating life, Angie proudly boasted some of her boyfriends.

Back in 2007, when she was only 14 years old, Angie was dating a boyfriend - who in her words was "stupid." It was when the internet controversy arose.

Angie - now age 25 - uploaded a few bold images on Photobucket while trying to send it to her boyfriend. However, her account got hacked, and the pictures got leaked online. Angie claimed that she became the "high school sl*t," She even turned to drugs due to depression. 

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The problem was solved only when her parents: Juan and Maria Varona contacted the FBI. Angie is longer with her then-boyfriend. She dated a guy named Nico after that for a short period.

With Boyfriend

Angie has been involved in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, who goes by the name of Loaf Life on Instagram. Loaf's Instagram bio suggests that he is a designer by profession. The couple first met while Angie was attending law school.

Both Angie and her boyfriend are not shy when it comes to flaunting their romance in public. They often share photos showing their love for one another and are even spotted together time and again. 

Angie Varona celebrates New Year's Day with boyfriend on 1 January 2019 (Photo: Angie Varona's Instagram)

While Angie has not revealed any plans for getting married, she has expressed her desire to remain together with her boyfriend for as long as she can. 

Angie Varona's Bio: Nationality, Body Measurements, And More

Angie (Angelina) Varona is an American model, who is famous for her stage name, Princess Mononoke. Born in Florida in 1993, Angie celebrates her birthday on 11 September. 

Her bio mentions her as a graduate of Florida International University with a bachelor's degree in Political science and Government.

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Angie - who possesses a Caucasian ethnicity - is also well-liked for her distinctive body features. Her Instagram followers - who amount to more than a million - are obsessed with her measurements.

Angie Varona flaunts her seductive body in November 2018 (Photo: Angie Varona's Instagram)

Angie is not a tall lady with a height of only five feet and two inches. However, her body measurements are enough to make any woman jealous. 

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She possesses a body figure of 37-24-35 inches and wears a bra of size, 32 B/C. Further, Angie has also kept her weight in check as she weighs only 112 pounds as of March 2019.