Is Anna Diop Married? 'Titans' Star Net Worth & Family Status At Age 30

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Anna Diop....on married life. She tweeted about her soon-to-be-married life. Her husband......The ...aged actress has not talked about her dating life so far. The... ethnicity actress has on perfect worth...
Is Anna Diop Married? 'Titans' Star Net Worth & Family Status At Age 30

The word married often wagged behind the actress Anna Diop after she reached her perfect marriageable age. Not just her wedding plans, the Dakar, Senegal native has not spoken about her dating life so far.

However, it's not the actress never had a dating life; she faced the heartbreak in the past which still haunts her like a nightmare. And it seemed that she would not march into the family life with husband before getting over her past breakup.

Tweets On Married Life; Waiting For Perfect Husband

Age becomes just a number for a celebrity when they don't want to get bound into the married life. For some, Anna Diop, aged 30, may be on the perfect age to get married but she has not even talked about her dating life. 

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However, the beautiful actress has left a treat, surprising her followers with her tweet of soon-to-be-married life. She wrote that she is getting married soon sounding more like the real-wedding with the caption, 

 "It's official-I'm getting married!"

After she shared her wedding plans, her followers started to swing upside down thinking who might be her husband. But all the dreams of her fans' scattered after she cleared that it was just an on-screen married.

On November 2015, she tweeted that she is getting married and later dismissed the whole wedding plans after she announced about her on-screen married life.

Anna Diop announced about her soon-to-be-married life (Photo: Anna Diop's Twitter)

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Besides her well-made prank over her married life, she also shed the light on her horrible past break-up with her boyfriend which seemed to be the main hindrance for her to move forward.

She regards that was the "most difficult phase" of her life and still she is struggling to get rid over it. So, before getting into the married life, she wants the right man to come to her life which she would happily call her husband.

Diverse Ethnicity Family; Glowing Net Worth 

The American nationality actress who shares Afro-American ethnicity moved to the United States when she was a mere six-years-old child with her parents.

Born on 6 February 1988 in Dakar, Senegal, Anna Diop grew up along her only sibling--brother Kareem. The fire of acting started to burn inside her after she found the family friend's abandoned script. During that time, she was not familiar with the English language but after watching ABC sitcom Three's Company, she polished her efficiency over the English language.

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Anna, who stands at the height of 5ft 8 inch, fulfilled her childhood dream of acting after making her television debut in 2006's Everybody Hates Chris. Afterward, she made many guest appearances and landed many regular roles in the entertainment world. 

However, she got the biggest break in her career after appearing in The Messengers with the role of Rose Arvale and Nicole Carter in 24: Legacy. She got even more fame after she was cast as Starfire in the series Titans as the main role of the series.

With her highly appreciated work, she earns the average salary of $ 50,529, but she is mum about the exact figure of her salary and net worth.