Ashley Parker Angel Nearly Married & Had Wife | Not So Gay Or Is He?

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Ashley Parker Angel Nearly Married & Had Wife | Not So Gay Or Is He?

Ashely Parker Angel broke into the world of entertainment as a dreamy-eyed 19-year-old in the - now cult classic - ABC series Making The Band. Today, he has transitioned into a bonafide Broadway superstar with a Billboard-topping musical career to his name.

Many may not remember, but the California native had a brief stint as a reality star in MTV's There & Back: Ashley Parker Angel -- a show which also featured his then-wife-prospect Tiffany Lynn give birth to their child, a boy named Lyric.

Like his parents, Lyric has already begun to steal headlines as Ashley, age 37, and Tiffany are all set to mull over the child support payments in courts this November.

Rift With Former Wife Prospect Over Child Payment; Almost Married

Suffice to say that Ashley isn't at most magnificent of terms with his once wife prospect.

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However, the recent developments over the amount of child support payments come as a surprise considering their amicable split in 2008. Following their break-up, an insider close to the pair - who almost got married in mid-2000's - spoke to US Magazine and claimed:

"The two remain close friends, as they raise their two-year-old son Lyric together."

By the time, Ashley and his old flame, Tiffany had decided to call it quits, their son, Lyric, was already three years old, having born in August of 2005. Six years after Lyric's birth, Tiffany welcomed her second baby, a daughter namertd Kennedy Lynn Storms, with her fiance Austin Storms.

Ashley with his fiance, Tiffany and their son, Lyric at the MTV's TRL event in New York (Photo:-

Before judging Tiffany for her "heartless approach," it's important to remember that it was Ashley who drew the "first blood." No sooner after the news of their split broke, the Making The Band star was rumored to have hooked up with his Hairspray co-star, Aubrey O'Day.

Much like his relationship with his Tiffany, his relationship with his rumored girlfriend Aubrey didn't last long either. The pair - who were far from getting married - separated shortly after "hooking up."

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These days, Ashley seems pre-occupied with looking after his 13-year-old son, Lyric. He and his one-time fiance, Tiffany, share joint custody of Lyric -- who, by the way, starred in an episode of American Horror Story: Hotel in 2015. 

Their co-parenting agreement is currently facing a steep time as they are contesting over the amount of child support needed. Ashley has argued that he can no longer make the payment of $1,836 every month as he's currently unemployed.

In retaliation, Tiffany doused Ashley's claims by suggesting that her former fiance has treated child support as a burden. As for the court's opinion, the case's hearing is set to take place in November this year.

At times like these, there's question whether Ashley wishes that he was gay!

Fan Favorite Among Gay Demographic; What About Girlfriends?

Do the stresses of a heterosexual relationship and its consequences have the potential to turn a straight person into a full-fledged gay individual?

Well, the jury is still out on that. But if Ashley does decide to make that transition, rest assured, it will be a smooth one. Given his online gay following, the chances are that the LGBTQ community is likely to welcome the 37-year-old with open arms.

Besides his boyish charms and good looks, the fact that the Let You Go hitmaker doesn't hold back when it comes to showing off "his meat" on social media platforms has made him a regular feature on sites that targets gay demographic.

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Take 2018 Queerty article written by David Grant for instance. The said piece - which features some of Ashley's lustful "thirst traps" - and whose comments section provides readers with a rare insight into the Broadway star's popularity among the LGBTQ community.

One of Ashley's sensual images posted on Queerty article (Photo:-

The comment "Yummy" by the site's regular Donald Dork sums up the queer community's views on Ashley.

With no girlfriends in the picture, the There & Back: Ashley Parker Angel would want to look into this as a viable option, no?