Bachelor Hunk Gale Harold, Known for His Gay Role, Messy Break-Up With Ex-Girlfriend

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Relationships are not always blissful. Sometimes couple stuck between misunderstandings and sometime between trust issues. In the worst scenarios, you might even end up with the wrong guy you have no life with.
Bachelor Hunk Gale Harold, Known for His Gay Role, Messy Break-Up With Ex-Girlfriend

Relationships are not always blissful. Sometimes couples are stuck between misunderstandings and sometime between trust issues. In the worst scenarios, the relationship might just head for a downfall, pressing the end button!

Likewise, “Queer as Folk” star Gale Harold too was involved in a relationship that never had future. He had a messy relationship which eventually ended with a messy break-up.

Gale Ended Relationship In A Messy Tone With Girlfriend: The Pair Not Getting Married!

Gale was once linked with Danielle Saklofsky but the information wasn't verified initially. The assumption was later found to be true in 2014 when Gale got a restraining order against Danielle after she pounced upon him with a jar full of coins.

Gale apparently wanted to end the relationship with Danielle while she frequently told him,

“I will never let you leave me.”

Gale Harold and his ex-girlfriend Danielle Saklofsky (Photo:

The actor revealed that his girlfriend attacked him outside a restaurant saying he can’t leave her and if he does so, she will destroy him.

Even though there are different versions of events. Danielle got her own restraining order against Gale. She stated that Gale grabbed her by her ponytail and then slapped her.

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More to this, Gale and Danielle even argued over height and weight. Gale described Saklofsky as 165cm and 65kgs in court documents while Danielle is response said:

 “The physical attributes are wrong ... I am about 170cm and weigh 54kgs.”

Gale and Danielle, ever since the incident were asked to stay 100 yards away from each other. Gale, who portrayed a gay character in “Queer as Folk” is straight by sexuality. Forty-seven-year-old Gale Harold is not yet married and has no wife.

However, the actor did swirl rumors about his relationship with the Queer as Folk's Randy Harrison. The two hit the tabloids and was called an item by their audience after being spotted together many times.

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Keeping his dating life tightly sealed away from the public, there is not much information about Gale and his dating life. After the Danielle episode, the actor has reportedly stayed single and still is in search for the perfect one to ring his wedding bells.

Dating History: Still In Search For Love!

Apart from entering into a dramatic relation with Danielle, The Desperate Housewives star, Gale, was once dating actress Yara Martinez in 2011. After the two got together and started boiling romance, they soon put an end to their relationship without much information displayed to theirs.

The reason behind their separation has not yet been revealed.

Caption: Gale Harold & Yara Martinez at the 20th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards in 2012 (Photo: 

A Short Bio Of Gale Harold:

Gale was born on July 10, 1969, in Atlanta, Georgia. Born to an engineer father and a real estate agent mother, Gale had strict religious upbringing. On a soccer scholarship, Harold attended American University situated in Washington, DC.

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He studied photography at the San Francisco Art Institute. He took drama classes for three years in Loa Angeles and began his acting career in 2000 by appearing in gay drama Queer as Folk. His recent acting credit includes Mari Celeste, Kiss Me, Kill Me, Defiance. He has a net worth of $1.5 Million.