Brittany Lopez Wiki, Age, Husband, Baby, Net Worth

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Brittany Lopez wife of American actor Christian Slater seems to be...Currently, at the age of ...finally a mother now to her baby daughter born on...Her parents are divorced but they are still on friendly terms...
Brittany Lopez Wiki, Age, Husband, Baby, Net Worth

Precious times for Brittany Lopez and husband Christian Slater welcomed a baby girl into their household. 

The couple's rep mentioned the happy news to fans but refrained from sharing anymore on the child.

Although both Brittany and her baby are healthy after the delivery, she is yet to reveal the name or picture of the newborn.

The Mr. Robot star's wife is a master at keeping secrets as she was able to keep her pregnant condition hidden from fans. Brittany's admirers were unaware of her pregnancy until the delivery in August 2019.

Although the child is the first for Lopez, her husband Christian fathers two more children: son Jaden and daughter Eliana Sophia from his former marriage to journalist Ryan Haddon.

Married Life With Christian Slater

Brittany has been married to Christian for almost seven years. Her husband is an established actor with an impressive net worth of $30 million.

Interestingly, events that led to the couple's marriage has quite a funny origin. The pair first came across one another at a resort in Palm Springs Island, Florida, where Brittany was visiting with her aunt.

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At that moment, she was down on her knees while recreating the typical moments of a proposal for her aunt. The moment turned out hilarious as Slater mistook the proposal to be real lesbian engagement and immediately came forward to congratulate them.

Undoubtedly, the incident led them to get well acquainted with another, and soon they even went on a trip to Everglades.

Brittany Lopez and husband Christian Slater attend the 2018 Golden Globe Awards (Photo: Christian Slater's Instagram)

After dating for a few years, Brittany got engaged to her now-husband in February 2013. The same year in December, the couple got married. However, instead of a lavish wedding with hundreds of guests, the pair opted for a simple courthouse marriage in Miami.

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Even after five over half a decade on their married life, Brittany and Christian Slater are content with their relationship. Their baby girl is the living proof of it.

Short Wiki: Birthday, Parents, Education

Although Britanny's birthday is unknown, her birth year is listed as 1988. Aged 31 as of 2019, she is one among three sisters in her family. Her parents are legally separated, but they are still on friendly terms with each other.

After completing her high school education, Brittany received a scholarship in Carleton College, Northfield. There, she studied the field of literature and economics. Eventually, upon the completion of her studies, she was hired for the position of MOCA’s assistant.