Openly Gay Lance Bass & Husband | Wedding, Net Worth & More

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American singer and actor Lance Bass rose to fame as the bass singer for American pop boy band NSYNC. With his recognition from the band, he is also blessed with love in his life. He is currently married to his longtime partner...who is an...At the age of..., Lance shares loving romance with his partner in crime...Lance began the relationships with his partner...inb...after they met on...after...years Lance popped the question to...and finally exchanged the wedding vow with his gay partner on...
Openly Gay Lance Bass & Husband | Wedding, Net Worth & More

American singer and actor Lance Bass rose to fame as the bass singer for American pop boy band, NSYNC. With his recognition from the group, Lance landed himself to work in numerous film and television.

His involvement in the entertainment industry indeed helped him garner both fame and net worth. But, what helped him more than that was his love of decades, his boyfriend-turned-husband.

Coming Out As Gay & Previous Relationship 

Even though Lance went prom with American actress Danielle Fishel, he knew from the start that he was inclined sexually to same-sex personality. But, due to the fear of annulation of his boy band NSYNC, he kept silent. Only in July 2016, he came out of the closet: admitting to being gay during an exclusive interview with PEOPLE.

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In the same confession, Lance, who stands at the height of 5 feet and 9 inches (1.75 m) disclosed his months-old relationship boyfriend, Reichen Lehmkuhl, a model, and actor.

Lance and Reichen were friends before the romance between the two sparked. It turns out Reichen was Lance's real state agent. The couple dated for a while until the speculations of their split swirled around in the media.

The speculation of their separation began after Lance got spotted without his partner at a party in Pure Nightclub, Las Vegas. In December 2006, Lance and Reichen broke off but were "willing to work things out."

However, the romance between the two ended eventually. 

Set To Welcome Fatherhood With Husband

Four years after the split with Reichen, Lance found love in his partner, Michael Turchin, an artist. The couple crossed paths in 2010 in Palm Springs during a birthday party. Finding awe, at first sight, the pair officially began dating in January 2011.

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After dating for over two years, Lance, who celebrates his birthday every 4th May, presented his boyfriend an engagement ring during an NSYNC reunion performance in October 2013.

Then a year later, Lance and Michael exchanged the wedding vows during a ceremony that took place at the Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. The wedding was held on 20 December 2014 in front of their close friends and family.

Lance Bass with husband Michael Turchin at the opening of LA Art Show (Photo: Michael Turchin's Instagram)

With their relationship weighted equal with love, Lance and Michael celebrated four years of togetherness as a married couple and eight years as lovers in late 2018. Lance marked their fourth anniversary through a post on his Instagram on 20th December 2018.

As for Michael, he posted a picture from their wedding day expressing his love for Lance. Well, with their romance at the peak, the gay couple is now looking forward to becoming parents via surrogacy.

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The duo first opened up about having kids back in 2016 and now are on their seventh surrogacy attempt. Lance, at the age of 39, and his husband Michael, are looking forward to welcoming a baby boy and a baby girl - a twin probably - into their life.

Lance Bass with his husband Michael Turchin at the Rock House Hotel Harbour Island circa March 2019 (Photo:- Lance Bass' Instagram)

According to the former teen pop sensation, their twin will share a nursery until they reach the age of five and six. Interestingly, husband Michael grew up with a girl-twin.

Lost $100 million; Battle With Depression

In 2019, Lance helped produced YouTube premium's The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story - a documentary about oy band impresario Lou Pearlman, who conned countless Hollywood celebrities including NSYNC.

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Opening about the financial slump he suffered because of Lou in a sit-down with Daily Pop in April 2019, the 39-year-old entertainer said:-

"I've never really thought about it too hard…but, I mean, I would say close to $100 million... "

Speaking of loses, back in August 2018, Lance lost a bidding war to realize the dream of owning the Brady Bunch House. He professed sadness over the devastating news on Twitter.

Two months earlier, in a candid interview with ET, the talented musician opened up about the depression he was enduring during his NSYNC days. Elaborating in the experience, he revealed:-

“It was when I was 19, 20 and everyone started having serious relationships that I really started feeling depression for the first time... "

After struggling for years with sexuality, he finally came out in 2006.