Bruce Buffer Net Worth, Salary, Wife

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Bruce Buffer Net Worth, Salary, Wife

If Conor McGregor is the face of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), then the announcer Bruce Buffer is its defacto voice.

Nicknamed "The Voice Of the Octagon," the Tulsa, Oklahoma-native's use of the catchphrases "It's Time" and "Ladies And Gentlemen, We Are Live!" is synonymous to the organization UFC itself.

For all his contributions, how much does UFC pay Bruce in compensation? Are his net worth & salary justifiable? Get answers to these questions here! 

His Net Worth & Salary Now

Casual fans of the UFC aren't aware of Bruce's kickboxing background.

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Enthralled with martial art early on, he holds a black belt in Tang Soo Do and a green belt in Judo. After spending about a decade as a professional kickboxer, he retired from the sports under doctor's advice. Admittedly, the fighter turned announcer suffered one too many concussions.

Bruce, however, didn't jump into announcing immediately and instead began managing his half-brother Michael Buffer, a fellow announcer. Together, the brothers launched a company called The Buffer Partnership. Trademarking and later selling the catchphrases, they made over $425 million by licensing them.

For his excursions though, he now bags a handsome salary of $100 thousand per event. A poker enthusiast, Bruce reportedly owns a mouth-watering net worth of $10 million.

Brother & Parents Details

For the first three decades of his ignorance-ladened life, the UFC announcer wasn't aware that his parents hid the identity of his "long lost brother" (Michael) from him. That said, he did have an intuition about it. For one thing, Buffer was a such a unique last name.

Bruce Buffer with his half-brother Michael Buffer at an event circa 2018 (Photo:-

Every time Michael's name would show up on the TV screen, Bruce felt an unsettling feeling at the pit of his stomach.

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By mustering enough courage, his 30-year-old self finally confronted his biological father.

Credit to his dad, he told the truth by revealing about his previous married life with former wife (also, mother of Michael). Placing two and two together, Bruce learned that Micheal - the name he got so used to seeing on TV - was indeed his half-brother. And as they say, the rest is history.

Bio - Age, Education, Height & Weight

Bruce was born in the year 1957 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now age 62, he celebrates his birthday on 21st May every calendar year.

Growing up, he spent a few years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania after moving from his native land. The announcer turned businessman was 15 when he moved to Malibu.

Bruce's conventional education credentials aren't as widely celebrated as his martial arts career. Under legendary actor/combat enthusiast Chuck Norris' tutelage, he probably learned more valuable lessons.

Per numerous reports, he stands 5 feet and 11 inches (1.80 m) in height while garnering an above average body weight.

Alleged Gay Bruce Has Wife?

Not only alleged gay Bruce had a beautiful wife named Annie, but also a son called Dougie with her.

Refraining from making their relationship a public affair, the rumored gay UFC announcer and his mystery life partner Annie maintained a low-key married life.

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But around 2015, Bruce hinted a separation from his wife during an episode of his It's Time Podcast. In it, he boasted about his sexcapades with women around the globe.