Cas Anvar Getting into 2022 Single?

By Rushali Kapali | On:
Cas Anvar Getting into 2022 Single?

Every actor has a deep desire to ace in all kinds of roles to show their versatility in each character. Cas Anvar, one of Canada's top talents, appears to be achieving some level of versatility already on his acting resume. 

But will you believe if we tell you this dashing man still might be in search of a wife? Or might already be married. 

Let's take a closer look at Anvar's relationship.

Cas Anvar's Wife

Cas Anver, 56, is a multi-award-winning actor from Canada. But, unfortunately, the dashing, attractive man does have a wife.

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According to a Fandom Site, he is said to be married to his wife, whose name is Sharon Wix. It claims that he and his wife are in a happy marriage. After hearing this news, fans were more interested in learning about his wife, but there is no information about her anywhere. According to the website, he was previously married to his ex-wife Aprile Joy Lyon. However, the cause of his divorce with his first wife remains unknown. He is also said to have a son named Andrew Sanderson, with whom he has a close relationship. 

However, nothing is known about his personal life other than that he's been accused of sexual assault and harassment.

Cas Anvar Accused of Sexual Assault

Alex from The Expanse, Cas Anvar, has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by multiple women. According to Deadline, Anvar was accused of sexual harassment on almost 30 Twitter accounts. Numerous women tweeted, sharing their experience with Anvar and also screenshots of him harassing women via message. Additionally, many women accused that they were harassed either in a message for rejecting him or physically when they were together.

Cas Anwar Accused of Harassment 

Cas Anvar texts to one of the women. (Source: Twitter)

What is shocking is that one account was from an actress who had previously worked with Anvar and said that she was molested by him when she was 17 years old.

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When all the women shared their experiences, Alcom Entertainment hired an independent firm to investigate the case against Anvar. Anvar has accepted to go through the investigation and help along. However, following an investigation, Alcom Entertainment stated that Anvar would not be returning for the sixth and final season of The Expanse.

The Expanse Removing Anvar

Alcom Entertainment investigating the case against Anvar. (Source: Twitter)

The lawsuit's outcome is unknown, but the allegations made by 30 women were so serious that Anvar's career was affected.

Anvar remains in the spotlight as a result of the speculations and scandals.

Anvar has had a successful career, but the accusation has caused him to lose ground. However, looking at his personal life doesn't give any hint of him harassing anyone.

Cas Anvar's Personal Life

Cas Anvar has always maintained a low-key personal life. As a result, the media was still in the dark about his actual birth date and age. However, after 'The Expanse Writers' wished him a 'Happy Birthday' on March 15, 2017, everyone learned that he celebrates his birthday every year on March 15. Unfortunately, there is also no information about his parents and other relatives. 

The Canadian actor, who holds diverse ethnicity, was raised in Montreal, Quebec, by Iranian parents. As for his formal education, he attended Beaconsfield High and later went to McGill University, where he studied psychology.

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Anvar has won several awards as a result of his skill, hard work, and commitment. His success in different fields has made the actor enjoy worldwide fame and a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

Anvar has always kept his personal life away from the spotlight, and after the accusation, he has not updated any of his social media, making us wonder where he is and what he is doing at present.

We will surely update you guys on his upcoming news. Till then, stay with us.