Charlie Kirk Married, Gay, Net Worth

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Charlie Kirk Married, Gay, Net Worth

Hated by the liberals and adorned by the far-right supporters, Charlie Kirk is one of the most prominent conservative thinkers in all of the United States. Admittedly, nobody is more recognizable champion of Trump's Presidency than him.

Besides running a very high-profile, non-profit entity called Turning Point USA (TPUSA), he also acts as a political pundit while boasting over 5000 TV appearances.

The FOX News' daring is also a published author with two well-recieved books: Time For A Turning Point (2016) and Campus Battlefield(2018). And, at the 2016 Republican National Convention, he was the youngest speaker present.

Bio - Age, Parents & Height

Charlie was born on 14 October 1993 in America to Robert W Kirk and his wife. He spent his teenage years in West Virginia. His father Rober served as the project architect for the Trump Tower in New York City as well as Tropicana Hotel & Casino located in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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Despite his age - now 25 - he still lives with his biological parents. That said, he does live the majority of his days on the road either promoting his book or doing the greater deeds with TPUSA.

At 6 feet and 4 inches height, Charlie is a towering figure.

Education: High School & College

Charlie was a problematic kid since the beginning. While studying at Wheeling High School, he led a protest against the hike prices and even went toe-to-toe with "Marxist teachers."

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For higher education though, the controversial conservative thinker attended Harper College, where he took general education classes.

About Charlie's Net Worth

At Harper, he founded TPSUA. Operated since 2012, TPSUA is,

"a national student movement dedicated to identifying, organizing, and empowering young people to promote the principles of free markets and limited government."

As the non-profit's president, Charlie employs over 150 people. However, his reach isn't limited to its 1,200 high school and college campuses affiliates.

Candace Owens, TPSUA's communication director, stepped down from her position at the organization in May 2019.

Charlie Kirk giving his speech at the 2019 CPAC (Photo:-

Per data, the former Forbes' 30 under 30 listmaker is the second most prominent conservative personality on social media. His reach exceeds the 100 million people mark by ease every month.

All in all, his royalties from book sales coupled with TV appearances have helped him collect a reported seven-figure net worth.

Is He Gay?

Given his conservative beliefs, one would peg Charlie to be against gay marriage. On the contrary, he is yet to explain his stance on the very matter.

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His relative silence on the issues of gay marriage, in turn, has given rise to suspicion about his sexuality. Detractors often hurl gay allegation against him on social media.

Already Married? Or Still an Eligible Bachelor?

The stated gay allegations against Charlie are a direct outcome of his hesitation to open up about his married life - of course, assuming that he has a wife.

A very guarded individual, the controversial political pundit never acknowledges his dating life on social media. Even his assumed girlfriend has garnered mythic status.

Married or not, Charlie continues to be loved by a hoard of a female cult following, who hang on to his every word.