Charlie Kirk Married, Gay, Net Worth

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Hated by the liberals and adorned by the far-right supporters, Charlie Kirk is one of the most prominent conservative thinkers in all of the United States...Now he is married to Erika Frantzve... Given his conservative beliefs, one would peg Charlie to be against gay marriage...
Charlie Kirk Married, Gay, Net Worth

One of the well-known conservative activists in the United States is Charlie Kirk, reviled by liberals but embraced by far-right followers. He is, without question, the most well-known backer of Trump's presidency.

He is a political analyst, having made over 5000 TV appearances and leading a high-profile non-profit organization called Turning Point USA (TPUSA).

The FOX News daring has succeeded in drawing the public's attention to him. Now that he is married to his partner, it appears that his private and personal life, as well as his stellar career, have piqued the interest of many.

Already Married? Or Still an Eligible Bachelor?

The analyst's claimed gay suspicions are a direct result of his reluctance to speak up about his marital life - assuming, of course, that he has one.

The outspoken political commentator is a very private person who never mentions his dating life on social media. However, even his rumored girlfriend has become famous.

Despite his secrecy, he hit the news in December 2020 when he announced his engagement to Erika Frantzve. His partner is a podcaster, businesswoman, and doctorate student at Liberty University, and she was Miss Arizona in 2012.

Similarly, the couple has taken their romance to the next level by tying the wedding. According to his then-fiancée, now wife, they married on May 8 in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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All About The Floating Gay Rumors

Well, it looks like Kirk has debunked all rumors and suspicions regarding his sexual orientation, yet there were a few murmurs.

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Because of the activist's conservative views, one could assume he condemns same-sex marriage. On the contrary, he has yet to define his view on the topic.

His lack of comments on same-sex marriage has prompted speculation about his sexuality. As a result, his critics regularly suspected him of being gay on their respective social media.

Additional Information About The Activist

He was born in America on October 14, 1993, and was raised by his parents, Robert W Kirk and his wife. His father was the project architect for both the Trump Tower in New York City and the Tropicana Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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Given his age  - now 27 - he continues to care for his biological parents. Nonetheless, he spends most of his days on the road, either marketing his book or performing good actions for TPUSA.

A problematic kid since the beginning, he led a protest opposing price hikes and even going toe-to-toe with "Marxist instructors."

Furthermore, the divisive conservative thinker has now established TPUSA at Harper. TPUSA has been a nationwide student movement devoted to recognizing, organizing, and equipping young people to advocate free markets and limited government ideas since 2012.

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The radio show host has employed approximately 150 individuals as the head of the non-profit. His influence extends beyond the organization's 1,200 high school and college campuses.

Charlie Kirk giving his speech at the 2019 CPAC (Photo:-

According to statistics, the former Forbes 30 under 30 list maker is the second most popular conservative on social media. Every month, his reach easily reaches 100 million individuals.

He's also a published author, having two well-received novels under his belt: Time For A Turning Point (2016) and Campus Battlefield (2018). He was also the youngest speaker at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Overall, earnings from book sales, along with television appearances, have helped him amass a reputed seven-figure net worth.