Chris Jericho Wife, Gay, Age, Net Worth

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Chris Jericho Wife, Gay, Age, Net Worth

A celebrated face of the WWE, Chris Jericho, has had his share of wins and losses during his career as a professional wrestler. Having won several titles including the reputed World Heavyweight Championship and World Championship during his tenure, Chris is one of the undisputed kings of the wrestling ring.

Although controversies often surround him, deep down he is a loving father and a loyal husband to his children and wife. Married for than 18 years, Chris has always made his family his priority, and everything else falls after them.

Meets Girlfriend At Restaurant; Married And Blessed With Three Children

Chris has been joyfully married to his wife of nearly 19 years, Jessica Lockhart. The couple first met at a Japanese restaurant located in Tampa, Florida. Chris revealed in his book titled A Lion's Tale that he first saw Jessica while at the restaurant, which was a hub for him and his colleagues to hang out after wrestling. 

Jessica turned out to be a friend of a fellow WWE star Glenn Gilbertti, famously known by her stage name Disco Inferno. 

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After getting introduced by Glenn, the pair instantly hit it off and often talked for hours as they immediately commenced a romantic relationship. After dating for a while, Chris and his girlfriend got married via an intimate wedding ceremony on 30 July 2000. 

Three years post their marriage, Chris and his wife Jessica welcomed their first child: a son named Ash Edward Irvine in 2003. Later, the couple became parents to twin baby girls namely Cheyenne Lee "Chey" Irvine and Sierra Loretta "SiSi" in 2006. 

Chris, who got in controversy for slurring anti-gay remarks against Albino people in 2009 and had to apologize for his comments, was supported by his wife throughout the incident.

Chris Jericho along with wife Jessica and children watch DC movie Aquaman in December 2018 (Photo: Chris Jericho's Instagram)

As of 2019, Chris and his wife are maintaining their marriage of 18 years. They are set to celebrate their 19th Wedding Anniversary at the end of July. Further, his children are swiftly growing up, but Chris reveals that his kids are not fans of wrestling and are often disappointed when their father loses a match. 

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Career Crumbles After Mother's Illness; Age, Height, Weight

Chris Jericho (real name: Christopher Keith Irvine), 48, made his debut in the wrestling ring at the age of 19. His parents, Ted and Loretta Irvine, have always been supportive of his career. 

Despite being the son of a former hockey player, Chris was never interested in the sport and was instead a fan of wrestling during his childhood. He even joined the Hart Brothers School of Wrestling after finishing his high school to receive formal training.

But, his career nearly ended when his mother had paralysis, and he had to return to Calgary, Canada to be close to his mother. However, he continued with the fights after Loretta asked him to follow his dreams.

Although not gigantic like his some of his fellow wrestlers, Chris' substantial height of 5 feet 10 inches and weight of 102 kgs (224 pounds), was helpful to him while defeating his competitors.

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Apart from wrestling, Chris also works as a musician, author, actor, and musician; earning a net worth of $18 million.