Corey Fogelmanis Gay? Or Just Result Of Obscure Dating Affair?

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Corey Fogelmanis Gay? Or Just Result Of Obscure Dating Affair?

"There's a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth." - Maya Angelou

So, can the above quote be related to Corey Fogelmanis an American actor's life, whose dating affair is entirely obscure, but the fact that he usually gets romantically paired up with his co-stars even off-the-cameras, hiding his actual sexuality?

Every other day assumptions are made about Corey possibly being gay but how valid are those assumption? Let us help you unveil the mystery.

Can Corey Fogelmanis Be Termed Gay For Obscure Dating Affair?

It's every other day that we talk about people's right to maintain privacy over their personal life, but a public figure finds it challenging to make the most out of the said right, as they are exposed to the limelight even when they don't want.

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Corey, who is known for his depiction of 'Farkle' on Disney's 'Girl Meets World,' has also been the media's favorite for the kind of bond that he shares with his co-star off-screen. 

Though Corey, born to his parents, Shannon and Dain, has maintained an utterly obscure love life, he has been linked with a couple of ladies with whom he shares the screen. And, despite the bond seems to be somehow more than just friendship, Corey has remained tight-lipped in giving away any further information. 

Well, it's difficult to tell, what is happening for real in Corey's love life, but by the looks of it, it seems like Corey shares a close bond with every other co-star that he works alongside. Just making things a little complicated for his fans to understand.

However, him not revealing things regarding his dating affair has contributed in people surmising him to be gay. But, since, Corey hasn't come out as a gay either, it will be fatuous to comment on his sexuality without supportive grounds.

Corey's Dating History: Co-star Girlfriends

It first started with Correy and his co-star from 'Girl Meets World,' Sabrina Carpenter being shipped by their fans for the kind of relationship they shared. However, the two remained adamant about just being BFF. 

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But, the post that Sabrina shared back in December 2015 says a different story. In the video that Sabrina posted on Instagram, Corey is confessing his love for her, and the way Corey says 'I love you' to Sabrina, is just adorable.

Their fans keep shipping them so hard that the comment on most of their posts is the fans asking the two to start dating.

Corey urges rumored girlfriend, Sabrina to come home (Photo:- Corey Fogelmanis' Instagram)

And while the fans don't seem to give up on the two yet, Corey and Sabrina also aren't stopping to tease their fans.

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Last year in May, Corey shared a picture with Sabrina while the two were in London, and the kind of reaction their snap got, was so predictable.

Corey shares an intimate picture of him and Sabrina while in London (Photo:- Corey Fogelmanis' Instagram)

Fans started claiming that Corey and Sabrina are teasing them by not opening up about their relationship status while posting pictures that ignites curiosity.

Well, it's quite evident from their posts that there is love as well as a strong bonding between the two. But, is the love that they share just limited to friendship, or, something else is cooking? Sadly, the two still claim to be just friends!

Sabrina, who has vehemently denied being in a relationship with Corey on previous occasions, echoed a similar sentiment when she was interviewed by Seventeen for its August/September issue. She was quoted as saying:

"Oh, my God — I don’t know how many times I’ve had to say that. The thing is, when you have a best friend like that and you’re so comfortable with them, you’ll hug them, you’ll jump on their back, you’ll have sleepovers. But we’re really just friends..."

Her comments had come three months after Corey had put out an Instagram post wishing her a happy birthday and urged her to "come home" after completing the filming.

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Only if Corey would make Sabrina his girlfriend, they will make a perfect pair!

Additionally, there is another girl involved in the scene as well, and she too is Corey's co-star from 'Girl Meets World,' Rowan Blanchard. Likewise, he was also romantically linked with another Girl Meets World co-star, Ceci Balagot after Ceci referred to him as "my fake boyfriend" on her Instagram.

Until or unless Corey addresses the gay accusations directly or claims one of his former co-stars as his girlfriend, it's highly likely that people won't stop speculating his sexuality.