Bachelor Star Corinne Olympios Painting New Life With Bearded Boyfriend

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Bachelor Star Corinne Olympios has finally revealed her mystery man. Corinne is dating her boyfriend...for months now after she parted ways with her former boyfriend...she has been spotted with...enjoying in the sun while she was also speculated to be dating her ex-boyfriend...
Bachelor Star Corinne Olympios Painting New Life With Bearded Boyfriend

Bachelor In Paradise star Corinne Olympios gained fame overnight after she asserted running a multi-million dollar business. Just being at the age of 27, her claims were doubted, but after a few research, it was found that she ran her parents' company called ArmorGarage Inc.

Well, her business is not the only thing that brought her fame. Her personal life has also been widely talked about. She previously had her named tagged in a series of relationship with her love interest. 

Series Of Romance With Boyfriend

Corinne Olympios, who has dabbled in modeling, has her name linked with few men. She was previously dating Jordan Gielchinsky, who is the president of Giel York Tobacco Corporation.

The pair dated only later, despite knowing each other for decades. According to Jordan, he had known Corinne for over ten years. Jordan described their relationship as "friend or boyfriend" without revealing the exact date of the beginning of their relationship.

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However, as Corinne is just 27, it is guessed that Corinne and Jordan might have met when she was just a teenager.

Their pictures on the Instagram dated back to days before Corinne went to Mexico for Bachelor In Paradise shooting which led to speculation that they might have dated before it.

Corinne Olympios with former boyfriend, Jordan. (Photo: 

The pair dated for a while but soon their romantic relationship came to an end. The couple parted ways back in August 2017. Shortly after splitting with Jordan, Corinne revealed that she was seeing a new man.

The revealed her dating status at the U.S. launch party for Showpo held at NeueHouse but remained silent on the identity of her new man.

Months later, Corinne came forth with her previous engagement revealing that she had got engaged to her former longtime boyfriend Nick Viall back in November 2016. It turns out Nick had presented her with a ring which she returned after they broke off.

However, there were rumors that she had rekindled her romance with her former lover. A month later in December, Corinne talked about her budding romance with her mystery man which kept her fans guessing that if he is her ex-lover, Nick. 

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Adding to it, in February 2018, Corinne posted a picture with Nick in which they seemed pretty close to each other. The image came out of the blue with no caption or any explanation resulting in the speculations from fans.

However, hours later Nick cleared the air by saying that the photo wasn't a recent one and dated back to when they were dating. 

Well, it made sure that Corinne mystery man surely was not Nick. A month later in March 2018, she was spotted enjoying and having fun on the beach with her mystery man. Her companion seemed pretty smitten by her.

Found Someone New? Mystery Man Revealed 

However, after much speculation, Corinne's mystery man was finally revealed after he posted a picture of him with her. It turns out her new love interest is Jon Yunger. 

Jon posted a picture with Corinne on his Instagram back on 13 May 2018 which is their first picture together posted on the social media site. The pair looked cozied up as they posed for the photo next to each other. He captioned the picture writing,

"Everybody talking like they know something these days."

A few days later Corinne also posted a picture with Jon on her Instagram captioning it as "Weenies."

The couple's relationship was finally confirmed after Corinne posted a picture with her man while revealing her love for her man through the caption. She wrote,

"I hate you sometimes, but I love u always. So don’t ever try to leave. Because I will find u."

Corinne Olympios with her mystery boyfriend, Jon Yunger (Photo: Corinne Olympios' Instagram) 

Through the caption, it seemed that the duo had developed a close bond which they have no intention of breaking, at least Corinne. 

As of 2019, the couple may also be planning a wedding shortly. Over the last few months, Corrine has been dropping hints about her intention on getting married. 

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Corrine and her boyfriend, who celebrated the day of love on 14 February 2019, may be looking to take the relationship to the next level. On 19 February 2019, Corinne shared an Instagram post from New York claiming that she and Jon could be the future married couple. 

In the picture which Corinne uploaded, the duo seemed to be attending a wedding and her statement "We're next" could be a severe spoiler to her fans.

Corinne Olympios with boyfriend Jon Yunger at a wedding ceremony held in New York in February 2019 (Photo: Corinne Yunger's Instagram)

In March 2019, Corinne explained that she was about to provide Jon with an ultimatum to marry her. She stated that her boyfriend only has a year to propose and the next year may be too late.