Cuba Gooding Jr. Married, Dating, Children, Net Worth

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Cuba Gooding is an Oscar-winning actor...was married to his former wife...divorced his wife now dating his girlfriend...has three children from his past marriage...has a net worth of around 3 million 51 years of age...was arrested in October 2019 for...the actor has a height of...the court case is still going on now...
Cuba Gooding Jr. Married, Dating, Children, Net Worth

Most people know Cuba Gooding Jr. from his part in the movie Jerry Maguire alongside Tom Cruise. Cuba received an Academy Award for his role as Rod Tidwell in the film.

The talented actor has been active in the entertainment industry for 33 years. But, his fame also has affected him in certain ways, and the actor is making headlines for both good and bad reasons.

Cuba’s Married Life

Long married life is not for everyone. And Cuba is one of those people who has gone through a divorce ending a reasonably long marriage.

But, before discussing Cuba’s separation with his ex-wife, let’s know about how and when his past love story began.

The actor met his former spouse Sara Kapfer in around 1987. Cuba and Sara were high school sweethearts. They dated and lived together for seven years before finally deciding to tie the knot on 13th March 1994.

Cuba Gooding with his ex-wife Sara Kapfer in 2013 (Photo: People)

The former couple has three children from their 20-year relationship. Their oldest son Spencer Gooding, an actor, was born on 11th September 1994. Mason Gooding, their middle son, came into the earth on 14th November 1996, and their daughter, Piper Gooding, was born on 22nd October 2005.

Even after three kids and 20 years of being together, Cuba and Sara grew apart from one another. As a result, Sara filed for a legal separation from the actor in August 2014.

Life After Divorce

Cuba’s dating life had been quiet for a pretty long time after his divorce with Sara. But, he was finally spotted with a new woman in 2018.

The Radio actor’s new girlfriend is none other than legendary actor Robert De Niro’s son Raphael’s ex-wife Claudine De Niro. Similar to Cuba, she, too, has three children from her relationship with her former husband, Raphael.

Cuba Gooding spotted with Claudine De Niro in a heliport in NYC in August 2019 (Photo: Daily Mail)

Contrary to Cuba, his ex-spouse Sara has kept her relationships post-divorce private.

Allegations And Arrests

The Jerry Maguire actor’s life has certainly not been hunky-dory after his divorce. Cuba has allegedly involved himself in various inappropriate activities.

The police arrested Cuba in June 2019 after he turned himself over to the authorities. He was taken under arrest for a sexual misdemeanor charge.

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Allegedly, Cuba touched a woman without her consent in the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge in Midtown Manhattan. As the case progressed, the number of accusers too increased.

As of 15th October 2019, as many as 14 women have accused Cuba of having a habit of groping women over the years. However, the actor denied all the accusations latched at him. The case is still going on now as of November 2019.

Age, Height, And Net Worth 

Born on 2nd January 1968 as Cuba Mark Gooding Junior, Cuba is the son of a singer mother, Shirley Sullivan, and celebrity father, Cuba Gooding Senior. He has three siblings - April Gooding, Omar Gooding, and Thomas Gooding.

As for his physical stature, the 51-year-old actor stands 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters) tall.

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The vastly experienced Oscar-winning actor has a huge net worth of $15 million. He also owns several expensive properties around the country and is involved in frequent real estate purchases and sales.

Forbes had reported the sale of his stunning Pacific Palisades Estate for a whopping near-$10 million in April 2014. Cuba also sold his Studio City house for $2,75 million in 2013.