Rich Paul Wife, Dating, Family, Net Worth

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Rich Paul Wife, Dating, Family, Net Worth

With the basketball season comes the time for the basketball players to take over the internet. But, it is not only the players that come into the highlight, as the NBA agents also see the spotlight during these times.

As such, Rich Paul happens to be one of the most potent agents in the NBA. He was able to rise to fame by representing fantastic players like LeBron James. 

Rich Paul Age, Family

Rich Paul, who was born on 16 December, is the native of Cleveland, Ohio. Not much is known about his parents apart from his father, Rich Paul Sr., who died of cancer in 1999. His mother also passed away sometime in mid-2016.

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He grew up in a complicated environment. So much so that his multiple childhood friends were either jailed or murdered.

Wife Or Dating?

As of May 2019, Rich Paul made the headlines regarding his love life. He was seen with Jennifer Meyer on a date in Beverly Hills. The two seem to be entranced in love when seen in public. They were also seen spending Mother’s Day of 2019 together. Though it is unclear how exactly the duo met, they reportedly started dating six months before being spotted together in Beverly Hills.

Rich Paul With Girlfriend Jennifer Meyer on 30 January 2019 (Photo:

Rich is not known to have a girlfriend before Jennifer, whereas she is the ex-wife of the Spiderman trilogy star, Toby Maguire.

The duo has been mum about their dating life. Hence, it is very unclear where the two are going on with their relationship. Wherever it is, it might eventually lead to a happy ending. But, that will only be revealed over time.

Rich Paul’s Education, Career & Net Worth

Firstly, talking about his education, he went to Benedictine High School. Though his college seems to be entirely unknown, he received an honorary Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Cleveland State University.

Talking about his career, he was very close to LeBron James since he was young, who later became Rich’s client. He eventually went on to work as an agent for the other prominent NBA players such as Tristan Thompson, Kevin Seraphin, Eric Bledsoe, Norris Cole, and Cory Joseph.

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He also founded the Klutch Sports Group in 2012. Since then, the agent went through a lot of thick and thin but still managed to grab on to such success. And with such success, it is sure that his net worth reaches the sky.

As such, Forbes puts his net worth to a whopping $32.6 million and goes on to describe him as one of the world’s most polarizing figures.