American Sports Television Host; Cynthia Frelund Married? Or Is She Dating Someone

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Dig into Cynthia's bio to get acquainted with Cynthia Frelunds'...Today, in addition to appearing across all NFL Media platforms, she makes regular appearances on...Her soaring income is likely to contribute massively to her ever-so-increasing net worth...there's no shortage of potential husbands lining up to ask her hand for...Cynthia is up for grabs - with no husband and married life to show...
American Sports Television Host; Cynthia Frelund Married? Or Is She Dating Someone

Cynthia Frelund, an American TV personality primarily known for hosting NFL shows, has garnered herself a flock of fans. However, as charming as she is, her relationship status is always in question, and the host has been tight-lipped through all the speculations and questions.

Is Cynthia Frelund Married?

Frelund, age 40, is one of the many beautiful women in the television industry whose individuality reaches far beyond her beautiful face. She, with her work, is equally captivating and knows how to keep the viewers hooked. 

However, the NFL host’s on-air presence often makes people wonder if she has a special someone in her life or not. Although her professional life is fully exposed, she has kept her dating life very guarded.

With so much attention towards her dating life, it is a shocker how she has been able to keep it a secret. The host, who is an analytics expert for NFL media now, has a striking social media appearance of almost 96k followers on her social media. 

As much as she actively posts about her family and work, her social media does not reflect any aspect of a dating life. Therefore, going by her social media, we think that the NFL Analytics expert is single. 

Further, she is still an unmarried woman, but we cannot wait for the day when a fine gentleman will grace her life as her husband. Nonetheless, her single status does not bother us as it is her choice, and the 40-year-old has only grown in her career and now works as a Data Analyst for NFL

However, her single life doesn’t stop her from imagining her wedding. Frelund seems to be fond of an Italian wedding. Back in 2016, she took to her Twitter to show fans how she was fulfilling the wedding etiquette and commented how Italian weddings were the best.

Cynthia Expressing Her Love For Italian Weddings

Cynthia Expressing Her Love For Italian Weddings (Source Twitter)

We might not know who her lucky guy will be, but we sure seem to know the theme of her wedding. 

Beauty With Brain!

In between curiosity of finding out about her husband and married life, her work often gets neglected. The data analyst’s beauty might be out of the par, but she has crossed substantial achievements in her work life. 

Being in the industry for 15 years Frelund has only grown thus it is unfair for her success to be measured just by her looks. Started in 2005 with the analyst position in Fusion Finance, she was quickly advanced to the role of Senior Analyst. 

The 40-year-old was already in a good place in her career. However, she felt she needed a change, and she moved to ESPN in 2012 and began working as an Associate Director. 

With her work ethic and intellect, she was able to bag the post of Predictive Analytics Analyst on the sports network. Accompanied by her already strong work records, it took no time for Frelund to shift her role to NFL Network.

Cynthia On The Set Of Her Segment On NFL

Cynthia On The Set Of Her Segment On NFL (Source Instagram)

Her strong educational background has been a lot of help for the Sports Analyst to get jobs in such reputed networks. Alongside working in NFL she now hosts her own segment, namely, Numbers Game where she makes statistical analysis of games. 

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More On Cynthia Frelund's Life!

The 40-year-old completed her Masters of Science and Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University that she proudly flaunts on her LinkedIn profile.

However, as the achiever she is, she did not stop her education there. Instead, she pursued her second master’s degree in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Marketing, Finance. 

Well, now, we know that whatever she has achieved at such a young age didn’t come easy. However, her hard work and work ethics are an example for many, and it stops us from limiting someone’s achievement to their external appearance. 

Frelund boasts a staggering salary of $80,000 per year and has amassed a net worth of more than a million dollars.

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