Daniel Gibson Girlfriend, Gay, Married, Age

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Daniel Gibson Girlfriend, Gay, Married, Age

Former NBA player Daniel Gibson also known as Booby is most remembered for leading Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA finals in 2007.

Although Cleveland Cavaliers lost the game, Daniel won everyone’s heart with his performance. Continuing his heart winning streak he married his girlfriend -Grammy-nominated hip hop artist - Keyshia Cole in 2011. But, as marriages in Hollywood rarely last long is he still married to his singer wife or divorced? 

Married Keyshia Cole; Relationship Status Now?

In Daniel and Keyshia love story, it was the NBA player who made the first move. After Keyshia caught his eyes, he found out about their mutual stylist. Without wasting time, he asked the stylist for The Way It Is hitmaker’s number. Soon enough, the pair started connecting on the phone.

In spite of the instant connection, the pair didn’t meet for months. And when they did, they wasted no time to hit it off and continue their relationship. Putting to rest any possible gay rumors, Daniel even proposed to her on New Year’s Eve 2009. 

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Along with a new fiancee’, Daniel had another news to celebrate. Cleveland Cavaliers guard and his wife-to-be were expecting a baby. In October 2010, Daniel Jr. was born to happy parents Daniel and Keyshia. After their son’s birth, the love birds married in May 2011. 

Daniel Gibson poses with his Hip-hop artist wife Keyshia Cole and son Daniel Jr. (Photo: Wireimage)

Well, NBA star and music artist’s love was so strong that they renewed their wedding vows on 26th September 2011. Their 18-month old baby along with close friends and family members were present in the dream Hawaiian wedding.

Even fans got to enjoy their second wedding as the camera crews of the BET reality show Keyshia and Daniel: Family First was present at the venue. 

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All seemed to be going well in Daniel and Keyshia’s love nest until 31st October 2014, when the couple parted ways. Furthermore, Keyshia slammed her husband via Instagram posts in 2015 for cheating on her by messaging girls.

According to her, he kept texting girls while she visited him at his music video set. In response, Daniel slammed her for blaming him for untrue scenarios. But no one was winning the fight as love between the two was finally lost from their relationship.

In September 2017 Keyshia finally filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. However, neither of the party submitted the additional required documents for their divorce. The judge even warned if they won’t submit the necessary documents they might remain married again. 

Whatever, the legal matter is, the former couple are co-parenting their child together on friendly terms. 

His Dating Life 

Daniel of height 6 feet and 2 inches(1.8 m) realized his mistake and blamed himself for his failed marriage. 

A mature man, he moved on from his past relationship with Keyshia and started dating Brooke Valentine. But the relationship with Brooke didn’t last long. Soon enough he found solace in the arms of Instagram model Sinfony Rosales.

Daniel Gibson hugs his Instagram model girlfriend Sinfony Rosales on 15th February 2019 (Photo:- Daniel Gibson's Instagram)

Now the couple is in a happy relationship and posts a series of loved up snaps in their Instagram. 

Like his rocking personal life, his professional life isn’t too shabby, a retired basketball player Daniel’s net value is still tremendous. He has a net worth of $11 million.