Danielle Deadwyler's Looks Deceives Her Age! Unraveling The Married Life Of The Actress With Her Husband

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Danielle Deadwyler's Looks Deceives Her Age! Unraveling The Married Life Of The Actress With Her Husband

Age is something that never fails to deceive the looks of a person. That is even more relevant when it comes to the age of spicy senoritas. They all look different, beautiful, and their age is not always what one guesses.

Marissa Torres from PIX 11 is the perfect example here. She looks so young but has already been enjoying her family life with her husband for some time now. Adding up to that illusionist sort of list is Danielle Deadwyler, an actress known for her role in Sweet, Sweet Country.

You may have been believing that the actress is currently focused on her career and is single. Well, think again!

Danielle Deadwyler Married With Husband; Her Age?

Well, Danielle is of age 36 and she celebrates her birthday on 3rd of May. Yeah, you didn’t see that coming!

The actress looks far young from her age, and frankly, her fans didn't expect it either. However, that is not it. The actress is also married, that too quite happily. But the actress is fairly protective towards any of her personal life information as most of the other celebrities in the biz.

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Still, for the sake of her fans who watch her on their TV screen and wonder about her personal life, let's dig deeper to find out more about her life.

Although she does not talk about who she is married to, her social media says it all. The actress is married to a man by the name Reggie Haslam.

While questions arise non-stop regarding more information on Danielle's love and personal life, she keeps it all secret. Danielle had not said anything about when she started dating him or anything of the same sort; like when exactly did she turn her boyfriend into a husband.

Furthermore, her husband is quite a mystery as well. He has not talked about himself, and there is no information apart from the fact that he’s the husband of Danielle and has a son with her.

Didn’t know that either? Well, you are in for a treat today!

A Family Bliss:

The couple, who kept their married life off of the media, share a child together; a son named Ezra. Her son was born on December 2009 and now is nine years of age.

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Although they remain low-key in the eyes of the media, they love flaunting their family time using social media. The family previously shared their moments during their vacation through Instagram, which expressed that the time they spent was quite a merry one.

They took a trip to the Grace Bay Beach for a bonfire, BBQ, and quality family time. Further, the couple attended several social events together. Back in December 2016, Danielle and her husband were spotted at a program organized by the UNCF. The event which was named Masked Ball witnessed the presence of several other celebrities including Danielle and Reggie.

Danielle Deadwyler's husband Reggie Haslam and son Ezra after her child's first stage performance in November 2018 (Photo: Reggie Haslam's Instagram)

Her husband as well shared a sweet post on Instagram, where he said that Danielle received her Masters of Fine Art (MFA), making it her second Masters Degree while also acknowledging his sister’s achievement on becoming a lead stylist for Elle Magazine, South Africa.

There’s no doubt that this man’s life is filled with ladies, who are indeed grasping the heights in success!

Further, Danielle and Reggie's son Ezra, aged 9, is already following his mother's footsteps and has started acting in theatrical dramas. He made his onstage debut back in late 2018 which ran for three works and Ezra performed in seven stages during the time. 

While Danielle's career prospect enhances with each passing day especially with her mind-blowing performances in the 2017 movies like Gifted and The Leisure Seeker and her 2018 film Jane and Emma, her son is also working on his acting skills and may soon become a full-fledged actor.

Stay with us for the latest updates on Danielle Deadwyler!