Diahnne Abbott Now: After Children & Married Life Rift With Husband Robert De Niro

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Diahnne Abbott Now: After Children & Married Life Rift With Husband Robert De Niro

American actress Diahnne Abbot may need more thanks when it comes to the 1976 movie, Taxi Driver.

For one, the movie made her overnight famous as the Porno Theater receptionist, and she found her lover, who eventually turns into her husband, on the movie sets.

However, the actress' marriage would not count as her first for she already walked down the aisle. 

Know all about Diahnne Abbott's two married lives love story and its turn of events!

High-Profile Married Life; Husband Cheats 

Diahnne, who possesses an African-American ethnicity, began her high-profile dating with one of the greatest movie actor, Robert De Niro. The dating sparks were first lit while shooting for the 1976 movie, Taxi Driver.

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The couple took their a-year-dating relationship down the aisle by getting married in 1976. Diahnne's husband even adopted her daughter, Drena, whom she had with her first husband. Much details of Diahnnne's first marriage are not shared in the media. 

Diahnne's soon welcomed another child, a boy named Raphael in 1977, a year after Robert and Diahnne's wedding. 

Diahnne lived in a rented Bel Air house, for a time along with her husband and children including her pets and friends too. Their landlord sued her family for $10,000 after they moved, claiming the family "had soiled the house."

As it turns out, Diahnne's husband, Robert shared extra-marital affairs throughout their married life. In 1982, Robert was accused of cheating on his wife with an upcoming singer, Helena Springs. Both, Robert and Helena even shared a daughter and later, claimed her to be Robert's child. As per Daily Mail reports, the Deer Hunter actor impregnated the singer twice. During the first pregnancy, Helena aborted the baby without informing Diahnne's ex-husband. 

The second time, Helena wanted to keep the baby, but Robert threatened her to terminate her pregnancy.which she refused without second thoughts. Helena eventually gave birth to a baby girl on 1 July 1982, and the child was named Nina. Diahnne's ex-husband initially assumed the role of the biological father.

However, when Helena sued for maintenance ten years later in 1992, it turned out that he was not the father.

As for Diahnne's marriage, troubles were already started to show and later, and in 1988, she and her husband got separated, which was before the production of Robert's movie, Raging Bull.

When the pair maintained their side of silence for their split, a source claimed that Diahnne wanted to live a celebrity life hugging the spotlight, which Robert was strictly against the limelight.

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Diahnne Abbot with Robert De Niro in 1982 before their divorce (Photo: GettyImages)

After their divorce, Robert soon moved on and started dating the black model, Toukie Smith and welcomed twin sons from the affair. He eventually broke up with Toukie and is currently married to Grace Hightower, with whom he has a son and a daughter. 

Post Divorce; Children Turned Professionals, Comeback In Her 70's 

Since Diahnne's divorce to the high-profile actor, she remained fairly out of media and love too. She has not been acknowledged to be dating anyone as of now, due to low-key profile. 

The same scenario runs in Diahnne's acting chart too as she hasn't been much involved in acting except for two movies in the 2000s, Before Night Falls and Soliloquy.

However, the actress, who is 73 now, made her acting comeback playing the lead role in the 2017 movie Day After Day. However, the movie bombed at the box-office and got slammed by the critics. 

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Meanwhile, her children are a grown-up now, who are actively pursuing their professional careers. Diahnne's first-born, Drena De Niro is 50 now and followed into her parents' footsteps by pursuing the acting career. She has performed in several movies including On The Run, The Love Birds, New Year's Eve, The Intern and more. 

Diahnne's son, Raphael, is a real estate owner who held the listing of three identical houses in New York City worth $120 million. Her ex-husband, Robert De Niro, has a net worth of $300 million and Diahnne's worth is under review.

Diahnne can now also proudly identify herself as a grandmother as she has been blessed with four beautiful grandchildren. Three of her grandchildren are the children of her son Raphael whereas one of them is the child of her daughter Drena.

As of now, Diahnne is yet to make any headlines for tabloids regarding both, her professional and personal life.

In the meanwhile, there have been no reports of Diahnne currently being involved in a relationship which implies that she has all the time in the world to focus on her acting and help her children in raising the grandkids.