Dolph Ziggler is Not Married! The 'Show Off' is Still Dating Around

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Dolph Ziggler is Not Married! The 'Show Off' is Still Dating Around

An efficacious marriage calls for falling in love ample times, constantly with the same person. That is the reason why some people consider marriage to be the commitment that steadily bangs in their heads, keeping them away from fully enjoying their lives because they haven't been falling in love with the same person plentiful times!

Dolph Ziggler, twenty-second Triple Crown Champion; who won the WWE United States Championship in 2011, might have felt that his lifespan is too petite to be living somebody else’s dream, so he is still dating around instead of getting married and settling down.

Wondering what is the secret behind his incredible romantic life? Is it his swagger that lets women go out of mind?

There is a lot more that delights your interest down below!

The scandals of the philanderer Dolph Ziggler:

Dolph Ziggler, the lone survivor of the team Spirit Squad, had dated many girls including Amy Schumer, WWE star Nikki Bella, Dive Maria, etc. and again has got the green light to another girl.

Ziggler was dating Amy Schumer back in 2011, and he has shared his experiences of dating Amy in an interview with Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast. He revealed that even though she deserted him, they are still friends.

Ziggler even confessed that Schumer’s statement about the sex with him as ‘too athletic,’ that smashed him at his sentiment.

The handsome hunk, who won the 2006 World Tag Team Championship after coalescing the team Spirit Squad, hit the ground running his on-screen romance with former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis and their on-screen romance was suspected as if they are in off-screen romance too, but the anecdote wasn’t dyed-in-the-wool.

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The chitchat of their romance was at the pinnacle, but rapidly another rumor exploded that the charismatic performer is in a relationship with Vickie Guerrero, who supported him to capture the IC title for the first time, defeating Kofi Kingston.

His romance with Vicky turned out to be so prolific that he was able to push forward his career to another level.

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The long romance between them eventually dilapidated, when A.J. Lee turned on John Cena and began her relationship with Dolph Ziggler.

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In an interview with IGN, AJ Lee revealed her actual life romance with Dolph Ziggler and said,

"The really funny thing is that somewhere along the way, Dolph and I and E became really good friends, which is so weird. Especially since a year ago, I think Dolph and I actually hated each other… just for no reason! We were just like, 'We're so opposite.' Like, '"He's such a douche bag,' and he thought I was the biggest nerd. We were just mean to each other. And then to work together so much, where we are travelling together and go to dinner together and we enjoy each other's company, it's so funny to me. Like how did that happen? So now it's so bittersweet that it feels like everything's ending, you know? It feels like we're all going to leave Summer Slam and go our separate ways, and that is the saddest thing in the world to me. But it's really cool that three of my best friends right now in the industry will all be together at Summer Slam. That's really cool to me."

She was about to be his wife soon, but Dana Brook’s entrance into Dolph’s life made the anecdote numb.

Dolph Ziggler, the Debaucher, moved on to another girl, but who is she?

Dolph lingered unaccompanied for sometime after his split from his girlfriend AJ, but not before long, his on-screen relation with Dana got suspected as if they are in real life romance.

They didn’t disclose their relationship until Rusev exposed them on Twitter, who was Dana’s previous boyfriend. In a little while, the couple came out in public, sharing pictures on social media.

The couple is frequently spotted together, but still, they keep on tight-lipped about their romance.

Dana Brook took to Instagram and shared their picture back on June 22nd, 2016 and congratulating The Cleveland Cavaliers.

The scandals of the philanderer are not limited only to this!

YouTube personality Trisha Paytas, who has 2.7 million subscribers, has revealed her relationship with Dolph, stating that they were in a relationship over the past few months.

She was furious because Dolph flaked on their scheduled date, and exposed that they even had sex that couldn’t be as great as she expected. She exclaimed,

“Yes “I don't really remember much of it, so when I say it was the best sex ever, I was f--king high and on drugs, so was it really even?" If I can't even remember it, then it wasn't the best sex ever." 

Exposing him as a f***boy, she further advised him to be a man.

Caption: Trisha talking about Dolph. (Published on Jun 1, 2017)

Though his fans are passionate to discern about his marriage, the swagger Dolph, who enjoys a net worth of $3 million, is still busy in dating and hasn’t left any intimations of his marriage till this date.