Eli Stokols Married Fellow Journalist Age 31, Bio Reveals Relationship Details

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Eli Stokols, the White House reporter based in Los Angeles, is a married man. He shares the marital bond with his girlfriend of...years...who is a...the couple tied the wedding knot back came after...since their engagement back in...
Eli Stokols Married Fellow Journalist Age 31, Bio Reveals Relationship Details

White House reporter based in Los Angeles, Eli Stokols is a veteran of Politico and the Wall Street Journal.

While Eli has made a name for himself in the world of journalism, he is also blessed with a love life of his own.

Eli is married and shares the loving bond with his girlfriend-turned-wife. The couple exchanged the wedding vows after being together for almost two years. Their years of romance prospered into their relationship of a lifetime. 

Well, let us have a look at his bio that reveals the love story Eli shares with his counterpart.  

Wedding Proposal In Wife's Birthday; From Two Years Of Dating To Marriage

Stokols, who covered the 2016 presidential campaign, is also blessed when it comes to his life. Turns out he is already blessed with someone who loves him dearly and now is bound by the marital bond.

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Eli is married to Elena Cecilia Schneider, who is also involved in the journalism field currently working as campaign reporter at Politico. Eli and Elena share a lasting bond and deep love since they met back in 2016.

The duo crossed path while working at Politico and with the outset of 2016 presidential campaign the couple began dating. With the sparked romance between the two, the couple took steps forward into their relationship.   

The couple cherished the bond that they shared was enjoying every moment that they get. The pair dated for almost a year until Eli popped the question to Elena. The proposal came a few days after Elena's birthday back in 2017.

In November that year, Eli asked Elena to pack her bags for a weekend getaway on her birthday. The couple visited Amsterdam and days later while they both were enjoying the city view from the 109-year-old boat, Eli reached to his pocket for the ring.

With the engagement ring on his hand, Eli got down on his one knee and presented Elena with the ring while asking her to marry him just as they floated down the Amsterdam canal. 

Elena could not deny the proposal and said 'yes' to it. While the couple was officially engaged, a rainbow slid down out behind some old houses in their celebration. The was 'magical' for the couple and something to remember for a lifetime.

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Wife Flaunts Engagement Ring; Winston-Salem Wedding

Elena took it to Instagram to announce the news of her engagement. Elena posted a picture of her with her fiance as they posed in front of the boat on the bank of the canal.

In the picture, Eli held Elena close to his chest while Elena had her hand placed on Eli's heart while showing off her engagement ring.

Eli Stokols with girlfriend-turned-wife Elena Schneider after their engagement in Amsterdam. (Photo:

With the new changes in their relationship, the couple planned for their big day. Almost a year later, Eli and Elena finally exchanged their wedding vows on 15 September 2018.

The ceremony took place at the Augsburg Lutheran Church in Winston-Salem which was accompanied by their family, close friends and invited guests. 

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Indeed, the couple had their big day just as they planned and are moving forward with their relationship bound by new commitments.