Emmanuel Lewis Wedding, Death, Alive, Now

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It has been more than two decades since Emmanuel Lewis made his debut on his hit TV show, “Webster,” yet he still gets fan mail regarding his role in the show. This American actor has been off the screen lately. So what is he doing now? One thing is sure; he is alive and well. So is he married? What’s his health condition? We’ll find it out!
Emmanuel Lewis Wedding, Death, Alive, Now

It has been more than two decades since Emmanuel Lewis made his debut on his hit TV show, “Webster,” yet he still gets fan mail regarding his role in the show. This American actor has been off the screen lately which as raised queries regarding his current condition.

Not only his professional life but also details regarding his personal life is also demanded. However, he seems to prefer to maintain low-key when it came about his love life. 

What is He Up To Now?

Webster” was a staple sitcom of the 1980s. It is similar in concept to the more popular ‘80s show “Diff’rent Strokes.” The show is about a young African-American orphan who gets adopted by a newlywed white couple, the character played by Alex Karras and Susan Clark.

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Emmanuel Lewis had obvious similarities with “Diff’rent Strokes” star Gary Coleman. That is the very reason, Emmanuel Lewis was plucked from obscurity (after appearing in a Burger King commercial) to star in a sitcom that had pretty much the same premise as Coleman’s hit show.

Married Man With Wife?

As far as the records go, there has not been any information of Emmanuel's marriage stacked up on the pile. Seems like he does not yet have someone whom he would call his wife. 

Turns out he prefers to maintain the low-keyness when it came about his love life and there have not been any details on his previous relationships.

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He seems to have his hands full with progressing in his career and earning a name for himself because of which he could hardly have any time for romance. Or it could also be that he is already secretly married and prefers his bond with his wife away from the spotlight.

As he has not made any statement relating to his love life, he probably is currently single.

From Webster To Entrepreneurship - Getting Along Well?

A few years after “Webster” was canceled, Emmanuel Lewis made guest appearances in a many ‘90s TV shows such as “Family Matters,” “Moesha” as well as “Malcolm & Eddie.”

Moreover, in 2003, Lewis starred in the first season of “The Surreal Life,” which is a reality series about celebrity has-been living together in a mansion for exactly two weeks.

Because Lewis didn't land many stable acting roles after Webster and his singing career didn’t go well, he decided to expand his talents as an entrepreneur.

Emmanuel Lewis, at one point, owned a limousine company and a car wash service. But his hands in business did not prove any worthy. 
After Emmanuel gained his degree, he put up a limousine service.

Being a celebrity himself, he somewhat had experience on what limousine riders such as famous peoples expected out of a car service. His service was based on a radio that worked, snacks complemented by cold drinks, nice plush seats, and driver who would take trolls of the city knowing every nook and corners.

Even though the company started with good intentions it struggled and went out of business in 1998. Emmanuel later landed himself with a production company Emmanuel Lewis Entertainment Enterprises and Global Media Company

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Both of the company missed out on projects leading to its end. Emmanuel Lewis Entertainment Enterprises dissolved in 2008 and Global Media Company in 2011. Likewise in early 200s, he also formed a record label called Flex Floss Entertainment.

As its first act, the record signed an R&B duo called Face II Face which hardly broke through. As of now, the Flex Floss website of out of service. 

For worst in 2012, the former child actor was hit with financial woes; such dire was his condition he had to auction his house to cover unpaid taxes. The house co-owned by his mother Margaret was sold for $56,000 in an auction. The money obtained was utilized to pay for missed fees of state, county, and school taxes for the years 2007 to 2010. 

Well, Lewis seems to have recovered from the situation as the single actor has a net worth of $600 thousand.

Devastated By Friend's Death!

Not only is Lewis known for his character as Webster but he was also best of friends with Michael Jackson while he was very much alive. After Jackson died in 2009, the news of the singer’s death hit a nerve with Emmanuel Lewis.

When various celebrity news websites tried to reach Emmanuel his comment regarding Jackson’s death, a statement was given through his agent. His agent quoted Emmanuel as being “sincerely devastated at this time” since Jackson’s death, and the shock was “very personal and very emotional” to him.

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But instead of appearing in public and share the loss, the former child star chose to grieve in private.

Well, Emmanuel who likes to stay off the radar was present on Twitter to defend his deceased friend on 19th February 2019.

After Variety’s documentary Finding Neverland - a probe into alleged abuse of young boys by Michael Jackson - was released, Twitter users questioned the notion of his relationship with the star. In reply, he had nothing but kind words to say about the King of Pop. It shows how great a friend the former child star is. Even after so many years of his friend’s death, he won’t let anyone tarnish Michael's name.

Emmanuel is indeed an example of a good friend.