Eric Gordon Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating At Age 30? Unrevealed Facts

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Eric Gordon Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating At Age 30? Unrevealed Facts

Ever since making his NBA debut in 2009, shooting guard Eric Gordon did not only went on to replicate his college stats but also became one of the most consistent players in the league. In return, his effort blessed him with a multi-million contract & equally mouth-watering salary.

Eric's competitive nature also manifests in his personal life, dating life to be specific.

With the news of the Houston Rockets player making a move on fellow NBA rival's girlfriend, he has given the phrase "crush your competition by any means necessary," a whole new meaning.

Eric Gordon's Search For Wife; Is He Eyeing Fellow NBA Athlete's Girlfriend?

Poor Kristaps Porzingis! As if being sidelined due to an injury wasn't hard enough, now the New York Nicks' ace was worried about Eric stealing his alleged girlfriend, Jen Slater, from him.

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And to think it had all begun when Eric liked a picture of bikini-clad Jen, an Instagram model, is just mind-numbing.

It was unclear if Kristaps and his alleged girlfriend Jen were still dating or even dated at one point for that matter. The rumors of them dating intensified once the latter began to attend Knicks games to watch the Lativa national play.

Not surprising though, Jen admitted that she wouldn't be attending any Nicks games this season -- signaling an end to their relationship.

With Kristaps out of the picture, it was probable that Eric wanted to take shots at igniting a romance with Jen and risk developing a rivalry with Eric while doing so.

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It wouldn't certainly be the first time that two NBA athletes fought over a woman's affection. Former Goldenstates Warrior center pulled up on coach Derek Fisher after learning about the latter being at his ex-wife's (Gloria Govan) with the kids home.

But the question remained if Eric's search for a wife in Jen would leave him & Kristaps in a similar predicament?

New Girlfriend

In 2019, the new fact came to light that Eric was dating a bottle service worker named Tiffany, a native of Houston. His girlfriend was also spotted at Rockets Home game.

Interestingly, there were reports coming in that his partner had an affair with NBA player James Harder.allegadly, she used to wait tables for James and was in a relationship with another player to form his teams as per

 Eric Gordon's rumored girlfriend Tiffany (Photo:

However, all of these reports haven't yet been verified, the player has confirmed neither. But in case the stories turn out to be accurate, viewers can certainly expect some heated situation in the coming months.

On the other hand, the circumstances under which they met remains unknown. Stay tuned to know more about their alleged romance. 

More On Eric Gordon Including Age, College, Stats, Contract, Salary & Net Worth

As of late, Eric, age 30, has been making headlines for reasons other than his personal life.

The Indianapolis native, who's three years deep in his four-year contract worth $52 million with Houston Rockets, turned down contract extensions with the stated NBA outfit.

Given the stats and numbers he has put on the boarding season after season, no doubt Eric is deserving of more than $13 million salary pay he currently receives.

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Nicknamed Mr. Basketball during his high school playing, the former New Orleans Hornets player got drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers in 2008 NBA Draft amidst a much-hyped media buzz.

The hype surrounding Eric - who has a reported net worth of $14 million - was on the back of his stellar college basketball career playing for Indiana University.