Korean Ethnicity Actress Arden Cho: Never Been Married, Is She Dating Someone?

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Korean Ethnicity Actress Arden Cho: Never Been Married, Is She Dating Someone?

Popular for the portrayal of Kira Yukimura on Teen Wolf, actress Arden Cho has managed to flaunt her beauty and act in the American film industry. No doubt she has been collecting name and fame from her portrayals.

But is this beauty in her early thirties happy with the love that she is gaining from her fans and well-wishers or does she have someone special in her life who is pouring love to her? Has she been in a relationship secretly with an anonymous person?

With all of her fans extremely curious about the star's love life, the actress might have to work really hard if she actually is trying to hide something.

Mysterious Dating Life: Married With Husband Or Has Boyfriend?

Thirty-three-year-old beauty Arden Cho has never been married. She is neither found involving in any relationship or affairs. Many of the online sites like whosdatedwho.com also suggest that she is single and says that there is no any record of her past relationships.

It comes off as a massive surprise that the actress hasn’t been into a single relationship, especially with her attractive looks and a charming personality. It seems as if the actress has not had proper luck in her dating life, quite contrary to her blissful professional life.

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The acting sensation, who also has a Youtube channel of her own has mentioned some of her torrid dating experiences in her channel. However, she does has a taste for man. She has made it evidently clear that any boy with a good heart is what she identifies as her dream guy.

However, an actress with estimated net worth of $300 thousand, Arden Cho sometimes seems to be sad and worried for being single. Here are some of her tweets where she shows that she isn’t happy being single.

Arden Cho mentions her boyfriend struggles in her Twitter account. (Photo: Arden Cho's Twitter)

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Through her tweets, it seems all but clear that she is wanting and waiting for a perfect partner/boyfriend who could be with her in her good and bad times.

The actress, currently involved in the American medical drama Chicago Med as a recurring character, however, seems to cherish her role of a pregnant lady. Posting several pictures of her pregnant on-screen character, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if the actress finds her dream guy anytime soon and post such pictures about her real life too.

Family Background and Ethnicity Issues:

Arden was born on August 16, 1985, to Korean-American parents in Amarillo, Texas. Born with Korean ethnicity, Arden often faced bullying as a child and even was hospitalized twice for injuries as the majority of students physically attacked her.

In an interview with MOCHI magazine in 2014, Arden Cho revealed that she used to be bullied by her classmates in her high school. She said that she was the only non-white student in the class who faced difficulties just because she was herself. She said-

“I was hospitalized twice when I was a kid. I was pushed off a bus.” In a separate incident, “I had two teeth knocked out, a chipped tooth, [and] I still wear a wire . . . my entire face was cut up. It was bad. It took me six months to completely recover.”

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It was the most difficult time in her life that she had to face, but she has now overcome from all those painful incidents and now through her past experiences is trying to convey a strong message to her fans to stand up against the bullies.