Is Lauren Glassberg Engaged or Married? Mother Of A Boy, But No Husband! Who is Her Boyfriend?

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Is Lauren Glassberg Engaged or Married? Mother Of A Boy, But No Husband! Who is Her Boyfriend?

The Emmy Award-winning journalist, Lauren Glassberg, has been bestowing her charms on the screens of American televisions for quite a time now. 

However, she's somehow managed to escape any disclosure about her personal life so far–the only query her millions of fans are holding for so long is to know whether she is married or engaged or have a boyfriend at all. There's something; you may already know, that further ignites this inquisition.

Has Baby Son: Married To Husband?

Yes, you're right. Her son. Amidst the hush-hush life of this pretty, smiling beauty are some secrets such as this one that her fans hope the time will eventually reveal. She gave birth to her son, on November 2013, and named him Beau Hudson.

As of yet, the whereabouts of her child's father remains undisclosed. Her denial about being engaged or married, and her insistence on not having a boyfriend–as far as rumors about her are concerned–is the sensational factor of all.

Lauren's fans are still oblivious as to why she would maintain such conundrum.

Her secretive nature might have fueled her motives to eliminate news and gossip about her mysterious boyfriend. After an extensive search around the corner of the internet and various social networking sites, the results lead us to confirm legitimately that Lauren is not married yet. Thus, Glassberg stands out as a single parent of her child.

Her social networking sites, on the other hand, mirrors the fact that she does go on dates at times, but has no specific boyfriend nor husband. The ever-smiling beauty is a charmer and is watched by millions of news watchers around the USA. T

his woman, who is virtually pro-active on most social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, has not yet confessed about her relationship. Her fans can, but wait hoping that she shall do so with ease and momentarily.

But she has decided to dedicate to both her work and her child which is evident by her article on 'Pips Island' after her son great enjoyed the entire event.

Interestingly, her little bundle of joy has grown; he is now five years of age. The happy mama shared about her son’s birthday on her Instagram. Her son is the center of her universe, she posts about her baby boy quite often, giving an insight into their lovely world. 

Lauren gave her father the gift of joy when she brought her son into this world. Her father is quite involved in her son’s life; he supports her through thick and thin. Her son, Beau also looks up to his grandfather. 

In the absence of his father in his life, it is a relief that he has someone, a father figure to look up. 

A featured American journalist and the Emmy Award-winning personality, Lauren Glassberg's net worth surely is in the range of millions - though, the exact figure is not known yet. Her salary is also another mystery to her fans who wish to know more about her personal life.

Short Bio On Lauren Glassberg:

Born on June 2, 1971, Lauren Glassberg anchored and reported at stations in Akron Little Rock and Minneapolis, before coming to WABC TV and finding herself working alongside Sade Baderinwa, Lauren Scala, and Michelle Charlesworth. She is an American journalist and a currently featured reporter and substitute co-anchor for WABC’s TV’s editions of Eyewitness News in New York City.

On most Fridays, one can watch her restaurant feature called “Neighbour Eats.” A New York native, she is living her lifelong dream of reporting about her city.

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Lauren joined the ABC’s affiliate in March 2000 and worked alongside. Her career in journalism started as a teenager when she began writing for the "Main Street Wire," the newspaper on Roosevelt Island. She actually got her start in journalism as a teenager, reporting for the Mainstreet Wire the newspaper on Roosevelt Island, N Y.

A talented journalist, she completed her education from Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism.